HERSHEY >> Chocolate, that glorious indulgence, which has produced its own name for those who claim to be addicted to it, chocoholic, is celebrated in its liquid form daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Grand Lobby of The Hershey Story Museum, 63 W. Chocolate Ave.

Known simply as "tastings," in this event, Hershey will treat visitors to samples of what they call "warm drinking chocolate," which is distinct from hot chocolate.

Each tasting consists of what are known as single-sourced beans, referring to beans grown in one country. Instead of blending various beans from different countries, this tasting allows people to sharpen their taste buds by distinguishing each nation's unique flavor. For instance, Mexican cacao beans, once thought to be an aphrodisiac when first introduced into Europe and still considered as such, carries a touch of licorice, while Venezuela's suggest the flavors of cherries and plums. Those from Java carry a hint of caramel and vanilla, while Tanzanian's beans are more nutty.

The tastings will be served in flights of six or half-flights of three. (A flight comes from the same term used for wine tastings and describes sampling multiple drinks.)

For comparison's sake, visitors are also encouraged to try drinking chocolate made with Hershey's Milk Chocolate blend.

"The aromatic nature of the warm drinking chocolate allows the flavor notes to stand out," said Amy Bischof, director of the Hershey Story Museum.

There will also be a special tasting for kids, a take-off on the adult version with a twist, or rather a loll lollipop. Youngsters will be able to use a white, milk, or dark chocolate lollipop to stir their chocolate into a mug of warm milk. Yum!

This is the ultimate chocolate lover's fantasy, so come prepared to enjoy.

The fee is $10 plus tax for a full flight and $6 plus tax for a half flight. For children's tastings, the fee is $6 plus tax for the milk mug and lollipop.

For more information, call 717-534-8939 or visit

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