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Need a Christmas tree? Here are 11 places in the York County area you can cut down a tree yourself.

3G's "Cut Your Own" Tree Farm

Where: 1991 George St., Dover

Contact: 717-308-1261


What's there: This Dover Township farm focuses on agritainment in addition to offering its 42-acre tree farm. Visitors can take a hayride to the field where they select and cut their own tree and browse the Christmas shop in the barn. Operated by Daniel and Deborah Geyer and their son, Michael, 3G's also teaches children that it takes about seven years for a Christmas tree to mature after it's planted.

Offers: Shake, drill and wrap your tree for free; tree stands for sale; free snacks, hot chocolate and tea; pictures with Santa Claus. "Our goal for families is to get together and enjoy the reason for the season, which is Jesus Christ," said Deborah Geyer.

Family Tree Farm

Where: 4688 Dairy Road, Red Lion

Contact: 717-332-6365


What's there: A family-owned operation since 1810, Family Tree Farm has 50 acres of Fraser, Douglas and white firs as well as blue spruce trees in various stages of development. Enjoy complimentary apples on a wagon ride to your tree and let the kids climb straw bales and play in the tube slides while they drill, shake and bail your tree.

Offers: Santa typically makes an appearance, but co-owner Karen Doyle said they are still finalizing when he will show up.

McCurdy's Tree Farm

Where: 127 Chestnut Grove Road, Dillsburg

Contact: 717-432-4017


What's there: More than 100 acres of space in northern York County, McCurdy's has a petting zoo, a kids play area and gives hayrides to the tree fields.

Offers: Shake, drill and bail your tree; tree stands and greens for sale; buy a live bulb to plant your own Christmas tree in your yard.

McPherson Tree Farm

Where: 5941 Mt. Pisgah Road, York

Contact: 717-324-0512


What's there: This family farm near Wrightsville is in its 62nd year of selling Christmas trees. Customers can choose their tree, but the staff at McPherson prefers to cut it for you.

Offers: Drill, shake and net your tree for free. By mid-September, people can tag their tree ahead of the holiday season. "When the harvest starts on Black Friday and your tree is ready, just remember where it is," said Gian Walker, fourth-generation partner with the farm.

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John Gouker tells the family history of McPherson Tree Farm in Hellam Township and how the dream of Sid McPherson has been kept alive. Paul Kuehnel

Showvaker's Christmas Tree Farm

Where: 2020 Garrett Road, Manchester, Md.

Contact: 410-374-1499


What's there: Christmas shop, complimentary hot drinks and Santa Claus.

Strathmeyer Christmas Trees

Where: 4874 Dairy Road, Red Lion

Contact: 717-292-5683 ext. 248


What's there: Hop on the hay wagon and take a ride through this 65-acre tree farm with about 1,000 trees per acre, including Fraser, Douglas and white firs. Browse the gift shop for country-style Christmas decor and enjoy popcorn, hot cider, cookies and apples.

Offers: Anything done to the tree you want done to it, according to Gerrit Strathmeyer, co-owner of the fifth-generation family tree operation. "I tell kids who work for me, 'You're not selling trees. You're selling a Christmas tradition, so make sure you're happy,'" Strathmeyer said. "I look at it as an honor to do this business."

Good's Tree Farm

Where: 1585 Valley Road, Etters

Contact: 717-938-1570


What's there: This five-acre farm has been in the business for 20 years, offering cut-your-own and pre-cut options along with handmade and decorated wreaths. Good's has Douglas and Canaan fir trees available.

Offers: Drill, shake and net your tree for free; tree stands and mailbox huggies for sale.

Elicker Tree Farm

Where: 120 East Ridge Road, Dillsburg

Contact: 717-766-5714

What's there: Third-generation Monaghan Township farm was first planted in 1955. Two farms totaling about 40 acres with Douglas, Fraser, canaan and concolor firs, Colorado blue spruce, white and Scotch pine trees.

Offers: Pull your tree on a wheelbarrow; employees will shake, drill and bail your tree for free.

Haring Tree Farm

Where: 1705 Valley Road, Etters

Contact: 717-938-6669

What's there: Lester Haring has owned his Newberry Township tree farm, which consists of two plots, for 35 years. Another of Haring's tree farms is at 350 River Drive, also in Newberry Township. The Valley Road farm is open through the week, while the River Drive location is only open on weekends. The farms contain 15 acres of Fraser and Douglas firs and blue spruce trees.

Offers: Saws and wagons provided for people to choose and cut their own Christmas trees. Once brought in, Haring will shake, drill and bail trees and carry them to customers' cars. Some people bring their own chainsaws, Haring said, but he won't let customers use them at his farm.

Springfield Tree Farm

Where: 7022 Susquehanna Trail South, York

Contact: 717-428-2244

What's there: Thirty acres in Springfield Township owned by Jeff and Donna Bortner and their sons, Jeffrey and Brent. The farm features Fraser, Douglas and concolor firs and blue spruce trees. Choose and cut your tree, or buy a pre-cut tree.

Offers: Customers can pre-tag their trees two weekends before Thanksgiving. Handmade wreaths, table greens and garland made fresh everyday. The Bortner's farm also participates in Christmas Time in Loganville on Nov. 21, offering Christmas-related crafts, food, and prizes. On other weekends, guests can enjoy hayrides, hot chocolate, kettle corn and the "Gobbler" sandwich, which has turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Montandon Acres

Where: 1948 Noss Road, York

Contact: 717-891-7056

What's there: Nearly three acres of varieties in North Codorus Township. This farm, owned by Greg King, offers Douglas, concolor and balsam firs as well as meyer, blue and white spruce and southwestern white pine trees.

Offers: Montandon Acres provides bow saws but customers can bring their own. Tree carts are offered for convenience and staff there is willing to help people cut and carry their trees, King said. Available for purchase are some balled and burlap trees as well. There is also free tree drilling and bailing.

Cabin Creek Farms

Where: 635 Perry Road, Red Lion

Contact: 717-244-4496

What's there: Roughly 30 acres in Windsor Township containing about 10 varieties of trees, including Fraser, Nordmann, subalpine, noble, Nikko, concolor, canaan, Korean, Shasta red and grand firs.

Offers: Cut-your-own tree or choose from pre-cut trees. Staff at Cabin Creek will drill and cut your tree for you, or you can borrow a bow saw and cut it yourself. Also a variety of greens for wreaths or swag.

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