Like so many celebrities before him, Justin Bieber's had nude photos of himself published without his consent.

The photos - which look to have been taken by paparazzi with a telephoto lens, but have not been confirmed as real - were posted by Twitter users and published by the New York Daily News. They appear to show the singer in the buff and on vacation in Bora Bora with model Jayde Pierce.

But you better not share the photos, warned Bieber's fans on Twitter, who had the hashtag #RespectJustinsPrivacy trending last night.

He didn't deserve for his nudes to get leaked. Please have some respect for his privacy. #RespectJustinsPrivacy— (@WIRELESSCAMILA) October 7, 2015

those pictures were taken without Justin's consent, if you have tweeted delete them all and #RespectJustinsPrivacy— Justin Bieber Team (@SecuteBelieber) October 7, 2015

my hearts hurting... leave him alone... please...— Justin Bieber (@drewslyricss) October 7, 2015

I'M FEEL SO SORRY FOR JUSTIN RN— nov13 (@bieebs6) October 7, 2015

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