PAHRUMP, Nev. - Lamar Odom took cocaine and as many as 10 sexual-performance supplement pills leading up to his hospitalization in Las Vegas, according to a dramatic 911 call released Wednesday by the Nye County Sheriff's Department.

Photos: Lamar Odom in serious condition at Las Vegas hospital

Odom, the former NBA player and husband of reality television star Khloe Kardashian, was rushed to a medical facility after being found unresponsive by staff at a brothel known as the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nev., around 70 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said two employees of the Love Ranch stated Odom was unresponsive when they called 911 on Tuesday afternoon at 3:15 p.m. and informed dispatch of his drug use.

"They confirmed his (cocaine) usage on Saturday but were unsure if it had continued throughout the weekend," Sheriff Wehrly said at a media conference on Wednesday afternoon. "They also informed dispatch that he had used up to 10 tabs of sexual performance supplements."


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What is Odom take?

The Nye County Sheriff's Office said he took up to 10 pills in a three-day period. A spokesman for the Love Ranch brothel where Odom was found unconscious said the former NBA star bought Reload and Libimax Plus brand pills from its shop on site, the latter costing $14.99 each.


Detective Michael Eisenloffel has not ruled out that Odom's actions were a suicide attempt.

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Police said the sexual-performance supplements ingested by Odom were legal and were obtained from the Love Ranch. Dennis Hof, the owner of the Love Ranch, claimed on Wednesday that the brothel did not offer supplements to its visitors, despite advertising "Viagra" parties on its website.

The initial emergency call came from Mitzi John, an employee of the Love Ranch, who described Odom as unconscious and in need of an ambulance.

John called 911 frantically a second time urging dispatchers to hurry, as Odom had "blood coming out of his nose and white stuff coming out of his mouth."

The telephone was later passed to Richard Hunter, media director of the Love Ranch, who described how Odom had taken the sexual-performance enhancer over the course of three days, having arrived at the ranch on Saturday.

Hunter also stated that Odom had taken cocaine on Saturday but that staff members could not confirm whether he had taken the drug since.

The sheriff's department were unable to provide further information on Odom's condition but revealed contact has been made with one member of the Kardashian family, that the person was "understandably distraught in the circumstances."

Wehrly said it was "distinctly possible" that Odom could face charges of drug possession pending the results of the investigation. She stated that the actions of Love Ranch employees would also be looked into.

Odom's children, Destiny and Lamar Jr., arrived at his bedside on Wednesday, according to Us Weekly, who reports Khloe Kardashian, not yet formally divorced from Odom, is by his bedside and arranged the travel.

Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian posted photos of Odom on Instagram. Kris asked for prayer and Rob said he was praying non-stop of his brother.

please don't go.— Kendall Jenner (@KendallJenner) October 14, 2015

As the former NBA star remains hospitalized in critical condition, Kim Kardashian has postponed her baby shower, says People. Her second child, a boy, is due later this year.

Odom, 35, last played in the NBA in 2013 and was waived by the New York Knicks in July 2014. He was part of the Los Angeles Lakers championship-winning teams in 2009 and 2010. Odom was visited by former teammate Kobe Bryant at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

Hospital officials provided no immediate word on Odom's condition. Rev. Jesse Jackson was among the visitors on Wednesday and said doctors believe Odom is recovering after being unresponsive.

"Apparently from what the doctor said, he was much better off today than yesterday. He at least has some responsiveness now," Jackson said. "He's got tubes in him now but we felt inspired by his presence. We're just holding hands and hoping he can bounce back."

Odom has had legal and abuse issues. He was arrested by the California Highway Patrol in August of 2013 on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, according to the incident report. That happened after weeks of speculation about his well-being.

In December of 2011, Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, after a proposed deal that would have sent him to the New Orleans Hornets as part of a package for point guard Chris Paul was nixed by then-Commissioner David Stern. The stint with the Mavericks was rocky, Odom spent some time in the D-League in March. After the season, he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.

"Lamar Odom is a long-time member of the Excel family, and we are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. We are staying close to the situation but have no additional information or comment at this time," Excel Sports Management president Jeff Schwartz said in a statement.


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