Sure, every bar has an assortment of beer and liquor. You can order your old standbys or try out something you've heard about.

But some bars have their own unique twists on old favorites or perhaps something entirely new.

Here are three suggestions the next time you're having an adventurous night out.

Blackberry Bourbon Manhattan

John Wright Restaurant in Wrightsville complements its extensive food menu supported by two kitchens with a full-service bar. But Jim Switzenberg, the executive director of the place, likes to think it as a bit of a "bourbon house."

While Switzenberg said the bar serves "tons of Manhattans," for him the Blackberry Bourbon Manhattan is the best.

"We have a local farmer who's getting those blackberries," he said, adding that in the next two weeks he will be making 20 to 25 gallons of blackberry-infused Ezra Brooks bourbon. He said he chose that brand because of its "neutral" bourbon taste.

"After we do our infusion it takes away all of the bitingness of a strong whiskey and makes it very smooth," he said. "A lot of our customers call it 'deceptively smooth.'"


• 2 oz. blackberry bourbon

• 1/2 oz. sweet vermouth

• 2 dashes Woodford Reserve Cherry Bitters

DIRECTIONS>> Shake with ice and strain over rocks or into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with Maraschino Cherries.

ALSO RECOMMENDED>> Blackberry Bourbon and Ginger

Ginger Jack Julep

Suzi Hendler, the general manager of The Cove in Spring Garden Township, is proud of the whiskey bar there, which she said easily has more than 150 different whiskeys.

"Our whiskey list is beyond high-end but there's a completely unpretentious way to our venue," she said, emphasizing its rare whiskeys. "It's casual, you can ask questions and our bar staff is insanely knowledgeable."

She also talked up the bar's "emphasis on handcrafted" drinks, including the fact the bartenders hand-squeeze any juices in their drinks and that all syrups and sour mixes are house made.

"I always joke around that my juicing arm is strong," she said. "We like to keep our emphasis on fresh and simple."

Her favorite drink is the Ginger Jack Julep


• About five to 10 leaves of mint left on the sprig

• Simple syrup

• Heavy pour of Jack Daniels whiskey (about two shots)

• A "super spicy" ginger beer. Hendler recommends Regatta or Gosling's.

DIRECTIONS>> Muddle the mint and simple syrup "really well," fill the glass with ice, add a "heavy" pour of Jack Daniels (about two shots) and add a splash of the ginger beer.

ALSO RECOMMENDED>> Planter's Punch

120 Old Fashioned

York's The Left Bank Restaurant & Bar bartender Jake Greene recommends the 120 Old Fashioned, named after the restaurant's street address, because it's an "old fashioned with a twist."

The drink wasn't immediately a favorite of his because it includes brandy-soaked cherries and he's "not a fan of brandy." But once he tasted the "unique flavor" presented by the cinnamon also included in the cherries he changed his mind.

"It's got me sold," he said. "It's so sweet and delicious."


• An orange slice

• A lemon slice

• Four or five cherries (soaked in brandy, cinnamon and other spices to taste)

• "A little splash" of club soda

• Jack Daniels whiskey

DIRECTIONS>> Combine and muddle the orange, lemon, cherries and club soda at the bottom of the glass. Then add ice and pour about an ounce and a half of whiskey.

ALSO RECOMMENDED>> Ashley's Manhattan

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