CHAMBERSBURG >> Roy Pitz Brewing Company has earned its fifth gold medal at the World Beer Championships, this time for its Belgian Style India Pale Ale, Mind Your P's and Q's.

The beer earned the top spot in its category with a rating of "Exceptional" (94), with reviews heralding it as "A big, warming Belgian IPA with a nice balance of fruity malt and peppery hops."

The World Beer Championships, operated by and the Beverage Tasting Institute, is one of the most comprehensive competition for beers from around the world. Beers are rated and reviewed by industry professionals. Each month showcases a new beer category, with results posted on

Also winning medals this year were other Roy-Pitz brews — Lovitz Watermelon Lager, Ludwig's Revenge, and Sour Hound.

"We are honored and excited to receive these four medals for our recent entries at The World Beer Championships," said Ryan Richards, co-founder of Roy-Pitz and brewmaster. "It's nice to see that we are getting recognized for several different styles of brews. These awards along with the appreciation from our customer base continue to help motivate and drive our team to manufacture and deliver the best 'Liquid Art' possible."

Roy Pitz, a craft brewery founded in 2008, previously won four gold medals in the competition.

The championship allows brewers to showcase their best quality brews to consumers. will evaluate over 900 beers and ciders as a part of this year's World Beer Championships.

Roy Pitz brews include four flagships, four seasonals and 10 specialty beers throughout the year. It's "Liquid Art" series of specialty beers, such as Mind Your P's and Q's, are aged in oak wine barrels. A sour/funk barrel program is currently in the works at the brewery and the first releases of these limited brews are about a year off.

Roy Pitz produces and distributes more than 20 styles of nationally recognized beers throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Their beers will soon be available in Virginia and West Virginia.

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