Members: Michael Rothermel, 16

When did you get into music? I started playing piano (when I was 11 or 12). I took lessons with my mom from a book. I did that for two or three years, and I lost interest. I picked up drums and played in a band for a year with my brother and a friend. There was sort of an in-between time where I just started fooling with the piano again. I've written lyrics since I was 11, and so, I have a few hundred songs. It just happened that it finally all culminated into this project, Homesick.

What does the name mean? The name is . . . hard to explain. (Laughs) It's a feeling that we all have. It's like we're here in this world, and we do things day-to-day, but we just have this big hole in our lives that we're trying to fill. Like when you go to summer camp . . . it's fun and all, but it's just missing something and you're homesick.

Are you looking to make a band? Currently, it's just a solo project with just me on the piano with vocals. I am open to possibly adding a band or strings. It just hasn't worked out yet.

Who are your musical influences? My musical influences are extremely varied - anything from Coldplay . . . Need to Breath, The Killers . . . Switchfoot . . . (and) people like Feist. Even a lot of indie artists from the area have influenced me like Hiram Ring, Ryan Lewis, Katie Becker and just a variety of music. I do definitely try to support my fellow indie artists.

Do you think York has an indie scene? Is there potential here? I think so. There's definitely potential from what I've seen. It's sort of interesting, though, where I'm coming from as an . . . ambient folk artist because the scene largely tends to be punk. I find it hard to find places to play. There are a few coffee shops and caf├ęs.

Where do you get the inspiration to write your lyrics? It comes from everywhere. I think in an abstract way and that comes forth in my lyrics. I just sometimes sit down and think about something and just start writing about it. I did write one song from my forthcoming album, "The Anatomy of Love" . . . on Jan. 10. I just recorded it . . . Jan. 22. That was sort of a song that came together last minute. It just clicked. Other songs, though, I've written the lyrics on a Post-it note . . . and just stuck them in a drawer. Sometimes, I pull out old lyrics that might be months old and put them into (songs).

Do you write all of your lyrics on Post-it notes? I reuse paper (and I) love Post-it notes.

What was recording your album like? The whole process started back in January of 2007 when I wrote the first song, "Silence." That was actually the first song I ever put to piano music. (At) the end of summer. . . I started seriously thinking about recording. This past (January) . . . I went to a friend's house who has a studio in his home, and we started laying down the tracks. We actually did it in seven hours over two days.

When does the album come out? It's set to release (Sunday), and I'm actually doing a show (Friday) at St. Thomas Roasters coffeehouse in Linglestown. I might have some early copies there.

Do you handle the management aspect, too? Definitely. It's sort of interesting because with the past band, I did have a lot of that (experience), so that sort of helped. It is still a little bit crazy because I'm doing promotion, marketing, any accounting, (everything) including the creative process.


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Michael Rothermel, aka Homesick, performs 8 p.m. Friday at St. Thomas Roasters coffeehouse, 5951 Linglestown Road in Linglestown.

Elyon's Fire will also perform at the free show.

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