Band: Ergo Sum

Members: David Imhoff (guitar), Thomas Howard (vocals, guitar, keys), Patrick Maloney (drums), Jeffrey Mleczko (bass)

Who we talked to: Imhoff, 18

Where'd the name come from? It was Tom's idea. The phrase is Latin for "therefore I am," and I think we were looking for something a little ambiguous and make people think. I think we sort of wanted something that would mean something different to everyone.

Describe your sound/style: A lot of people make the comparison to Radiohead, and I think they're a big influence on us. . . . Since we've started, we've taken a little bit of each member's influences, and it's sort of influenced our own tastes and the way we write. We're middle-of-the-road rock, not neccesarily heavy or soft.

Who are your influences? Radiohead. . . . Tom's big influences are Gorillaz and Blur, and we're all pretty into Lovedrug, and as far as live performances, they're a huge inspiration. Also, bands like The Strokes and that sort of stuff.

Last three albums you listened to? I really loved the new Strokes album ("First Impressions of Earth"). And also The Flaming Lips, they're also a huge influence on us. . . . I've also been listening to a lot of R.E.M. lately - "Automatic for the People."

Worst song on the radio right now? I don't really listen to the radio, but I guess the equivalent at college would be mtvU. A lot of newer bands like Panic! At the Disco and sort of that mainstream post-emo rock thing gets old for me. That's what I'd like to hear not as much of.

What songs do you like to cover? One of Tom's friends, Adam Sullivan (member of York band Waitin' on a Train) passed away (recently). He used to do sound for us. He was a friend of the band. When they were in high school together, Tom and Adam would play The Flaming Lips song "Do You Realize?," so we're trying to get a cover of that together sort of as a tribute to Adam.

Plug one other local band: The Art of Abandonment. It's actually my big brother's band. They're more of a post-hardcore kind of act, and they really have a great live show. They tour as much as they can and are in the process of writing an album right now.

Who would win in a fight: Thom Yorke (Radiohead) or Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips)? Probably Thom Yorke. He seems like he has more of an attitude. Wayne seems more laid-back.

Shoutouts: Thank you to Kimon Records. They're the ones who produced our CD for us - Alex and Amanda from Kimon. And Brent Gregory from The Art of Abandonment.


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