Band: Green Shoes Does It

Members: Amy Boll (vocals, percussion), Scott Shuster (vocals, lead guitar), Darin Green (vocals, rhythm guitar, flute), Earl Duzey (bass, vocals), Rich Shuster (drums, percussion, vocals)

Who we talked to: Green, 42

Where'd the name come from? It's just the best of our names. My last name's Green and the drummer and guitar player's last name is Shuster, so that's where we get "shoes" from. Our bass player is Earl Duzey, so that's where we get the "does." And Amy, our vocalist, I guess she just figures she's "it."

You guys do a mix of rock covers and original material. What artists do you throw in the mix? Since we added Amy to our lineup, we've put a lot of female voices in - Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow and stuff like that. Pretty much just patron-pleasing music. Anything from Neil Young to Jimi Hendrix and The Police to The Beatles.

Most of you guys have been playing together in some band or another for almost 30 years. How have you not killed each other in that time? By taking long, extended breaks. Nah, it's never gotten that way. There's something about our personalities. Things seem to mesh, and we've never had a problem.

Who are your personal music influences? The biggest would be Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Neil Young and a lot of jazz people and bluegrass.

Worst music on the radio right now? My boys are into Green Day and the like. To me, that's just rehashed grunge from the '90s, so that kind of gets on my nerves.

Who is your biggest musical guilty pleasure? That would be Dido. Something about Dido's voice and the music she makes.

If you could share the stage with any band or artist, who would it be and why? Pink Floyd. They could actually pull off all the wild crazy spacey stuff on stage, and that blows me away that four guys can make incredible music with incredible jams without a hitch. It's mind-boggling.

You also play the flute. How often do you get to incorporate that into a rock band? I play the flute more or less like keyboard parts, kind of on the jazzier side. We do "Driven to Tears" (by The Police) and "Voodoo Child" (by Jimi Hendrix). Some Van Morrison stuff lends itself well to flute.

Plug one other local band: For playing in bars and having a good time, The Lovehaters. We're all friends and have played with each other over the years. They put on a show people just love to see.

Shoutouts: Dave from the Glad Crab. He gave us a chance when we were called Third Stone, and he's given us a chance now as Green Shoes Does It. (The Glad Crab) is one of the last few places in York that has live music and does it well.


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