Band name: Rosematter, five-person York-based group

Members: Katie Kolos (vocals), Matt Bozievich (guitar), Terry Gildow (bass), Lucas Corish (guitar/back-up vocals), Kevin Shoop (drums)

Who we talked to: Corish

Where'd the name come from? Rosematter came from our old bass player. He was really into Stephen King who had a novel called "Rose Madder," so we just kind of took it and made it our own thing.

How would you describe your sound? We sound kind of like pop-punk, emo, indie rock.

When did the band form? July 2004

Who are your influences? Texas is the Reason, Far, Jimmy Eat World. We just like the catchiness of those bands. We're trying to be catchy, and it's just the kind of music we like.

Best music on the radio right now? I don't really listen to the radio much. There are too many advertisements, and I don't really think there is much integrity on the radio right now. It's just a bunch of bands put together and selling themselves out. It's all generic.

If you could open for any band or artist, who would it be and why? I would say this band called Madelyn from Florida because they're our close friends and they're getting pretty big, too.

What's the best part of performing live? It's just a lot of fun for us. We love to get out there and perform and meet new people and get to know them.

The worst? Pretty much just the traveling. It can get boring going from venue to venue.

Biggest show ever? There's this place in Stuart, Fla., that I forget the name of. There were like maybe 300 kids there. We sold merch for like an hour after the show and signed T-shirts and CDs and made tons of money, and the kids there were amazing and going crazy and dancing and so nice.

Best local places to play? Champion Ship in Lemoyne, Top Flight in York and G & M Music & More in Shrewsbury. They're run by people we know and they're trying to get more local bands places to play, and so that's really cool.

What do you guys need to work on as a band? We have an album ("Real Big Time") but only released like a hundred of those and now we're going to redo it anyway because we got a new lead singer. We're re-doing all the vocal tracks and adding some new songs.

Future plans: We're going on tour for three months starting in June, all over the U.S. and probably Japan for two weeks.


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