Band name: World's End

Who we talked to: Eric McNeil

Instrument: Drums

How would you describe your sound? We're definitely the hard rock-metal kind of thing. We play covers, but we don't do typical bar music. If you're coming expecting to hear "Summer of '69," it's not the right show for you. There are people out there who want to let off a little steam after a crappy day's work . . . they keep inviting us back and I'm thankful for that.

How long have you performed together as a band? A little over a year now.

Who are some of your influences? It's kind of wide open; every one of us has a different taste. Ryan (Brambilla). . . likes a lot of different stuff. He sounds like the guy from System of a Down. He also loves Tool and A Perfect Circle. Josh (Wolpert) and Ian (Wolpert) are into the heavier type of music. One of their big influences is Kill Switch Engaged. I was always a big Sevendust, Metallica and Pantera fan.

Best music on the radio right now? Right now, as far as talent, we'd all agree that Mudvayne is extremely talented, and Tool.

If you could open for any band or artist, who would it be and why? I would say Pantera or Tool. With Pantera, they're just people that haven't changed who they are. They stay true to the music and with the music industry and that's so hard to do. (The industry) will put money in their pocket, but the way to do that is to become more radio friendly. Pantera gave them the middle finger and said, "If you like it great, if you don't, see ya later."

What are your favorite songs to cover? With our crowd, this'll sound strange, but probably "Toxicity" from System of a Down. It has great drums, gets a good crowd response, and a band response to the crowd. It's a great feeling.

Do you get picked on a lot for being a cover band by bands with original music? I even used to be one of those people, but the thing is, I just finished up college and we didn't have a lot of time to write originals or practice. We're so pumped to get better as a band and we're definitely pumped about writing originals.

Best local places to play? Our favorite place is Fat Daddy's. It's always a great place. The bartender Greg is great.

What do you do to get an audience pumped during a show? It's just through our music. They expect a certain intensity and when we're on, it speaks for itself. Some people come out to all of our shows. We're playing other people's music but they keep coming out. It's just an awesome feeling after a show's done.


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