Artist: Kevin Sullivan

How did you get into music? Well, it's kind of comical the way I got into it. The first song I ever knew was the "Jeopardy!" theme. I'd be crawling around the living room, the "Jeopardy!" theme would come on, and I would stop whatever I was doing. I found out that my dad's stereo had a volume knob and thoroughly abused that as a toddler. Through the years, there (are) videos of me dancing to Michael Jackson and the ("Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtles" soundtrack. From then on, it kept getting worse until I picked up a guitar.

Did you take guitar lessons? I started taking lessons when I was about 9 or 10 (and stopped), and when I was 11 or 12, I picked the guitar back up because I really didn't like the lessons. I realized that I had this song in my head and wanted to just figure it out. I knew I couldn't read music yet . . . but I started figuring that out. The first song I ever learned was "Hotel California." For the most part, I taught myself how to play.

Do you see yourself as a singer/songwriter or do you want to be in a band? I've been in a couple of bands, and I've had a lot of fun with those. My biggest issue is finding people (who) are as dedicated to the idea of a band as I am. As far as what I'm doing right now, I just like getting on stage and playing.

Describe your style? I can definitely write you a ballad. I'm not a power chord abuser. I took two-and a-half years of voice lessons, so I definitely have a voice behind what I'm . . . playing. It's like a mix of Train, David Gray, Incubus kind of thing - if they all started a band together. It sounds pretty crazy sometimes.

Any other influences? My iPod has over a year's worth of music in it. I listen to so many things. My inspiration doesn't come from just songs. I'll watch a movie and then come home and write a song about it. As much as I'm influenced by musicians, I'm also influenced mainly by human emotions.

Any movies you've seen recently that have inspired you? I recently saw "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist." That was an adorable movie. It was an interesting concept. I started some lyrics to that.

That movie was driven by the soundtrack. Anything on there you like? I'm not much of a fan of the new indie stuff. To me, it sounds like a bunch of people trying to be (indie). The rebels don't try to sound like anything.

Do you consider yourself a rebel? I think I am so normal in some aspects that it makes me rebellious.

Is there a pretty good music scene at York College? College students in general are some of the best people to play for, if you're going to play a concert. As far as other artists, there's a couple of people who've come and opened for me and I've opened for them. I've opened for Classic Avenue a couple times. Leah Komarinski has played quite a few shows with me. The two places I play up here (are) Sparky (& Clark's) and any other college event I can get my hands on.

Do you go to a lot of shows off campus? I've been to quite a few Radio Cure (Productions) shows. Actually, his last battle of the bands . . . at the Valencia (Ballroom), I was a judge there. I think that . . . a rotation of venues to play would probably open up to us if the venues themselves would let college students know they were interested in having artists come play. I found out about Sparky (& Clark's) through seeing another band play. I didn't know that they booked shows.

Planning on going into the studio anytime soon? If I could sit down with a producer and take the time to make an album, . . . I would do it in a heartbeat.

Who would be the ideal producer for you to work with? If I were sleeping and dreaming, I'd probably want to work with Brendan O'Brien.


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