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Copper Sky

Band: Copper Sky

Members: Dave Huxta, bass and vocals; Heather Sneeringer, guitar and vocals

Who we talked to: Sneeringer

How did the band start? Copper Sky has been in existence now going on 10 years. It's had different members, but the two members that have remained constant are my bass payer, Dave Huxta, and me. We basically are Americana music . . . including classic rock, singer-songwriter things, cover music as well as original music. We play a lot. I have 94 gigs on the book right now. We're pretty much (based in) central Pennsylvania, but we go down to the (Maryland) beach once a month year-round.

Where did the name come from? Dave found it years ago. He actually saw the movie "12 Monkeys," and the name was in there for something. It's a very bizarre movie.

Who are your influences? For Dave, he's really into The Beatles, The Kinks, The Birds and he kind of comes from more of a country background. I come from a folk-rock (background). (I like) female singers Bonnie Raitt, Alanis Morissette, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crowe and that vane of music. I really like Lucinda Williams (and) Neko Case. Right now, I really like Sarah Bareilles. Being a teacher . . . I get into music that I probably would have never listened to otherwise with my students. They turn me on to new stuff all the time.

Is there a certain place that you guys like to play? We've been playing at First (Capital Dispensing Co.) for years. That's one of our favorite local places, even though it's small. (The owner's) a great guy. We usually pack that place with a lot of friends. We just got back into Tailgaters (Grille & Drafthouse). They're starting Saturday nights out on the deck. We're there like once a month, and it's going to be a blast.

Like any other local groups? I know almost all of them. I taught with a lot of the guys, like the Kenton Shelley Band. Katie (Robinette of Sugar Me Sweet is) my student. I teach piano, voice and guitar.

How do you guys feel about the York music scene? It's up and coming. I've been around for a while. Frankly, I play a lot of the Lancaster area. I see a lot of joining of businesses working hand in hand. I see it more and more with the Harp & Fiddle coming into town and the Waterway (Raw Bar & Grill). It used to be disjointed. People didn't really work together. I'm seeing York getting more cultured all the time. I've been waiting for that for a long time. I'm one of the optimists. I really think the town is coming along well.

What's coming up for you guys? I'm going to be a judge for the battle of the bands coming up on April 12. It's going to be held at the Pullo (Performing Arts) Center. Any band including professional bands could apply and . . . the (Penn State York) student body picked five. They're trying to raise some money for . . . the Blue and White Society. The (top band) wins a recording session with me . . . in our studio in Columbia called Right Coast Recording.

So you work at a studio, too? I've been around a lot of studios. There (are) a lot of basement studios. The owners (of Right Coast) . . . were on the (Rolling) Stones tour. They do live sound all over the world. I had been wanting to get into the studio for years. Bob Gentilo is the . . . in-house producer and engineer. We're looking for new talent in the area. I think (the studio) is best-kept secret right now in central Pennsylvania.