Band: Daughtry

Members: Chris Daughtry, vocals; Josh Paul, bass; Joey Barnes, drums; Brian Craddock, guitar; Josh Steely, guitar

"American Idol" changed your life, but do you have to justify being on the show with anyone in the rock world? No, I haven't had to. I think most people get the reasoning and, hopefully, see that I was an artist before that, and it was just a platform to get my face out there.

So one of your biggest influences, Live, is from right here in York. Who's that? (Joking) No, really, that band is probably the reason I'm doing music to be honest with you.

Are you pumped to be taking the stage in front of Live's hometown crowd at the York Fair? That's awesome. AbsoluteLy. Hopefully, they'll like us.

Is there any chance of a Live/Daughtry reunion at the fair? I would be more than willing to do that (if they're around).

You were on a lot of national TV shows last week like the "Late Show" and "Live with Regis and Kelly." Anything special going on? It's to promote the new single "Over You." This will be our third time getting to do this. It is kind of nerve-wracking at first. We get to do Letterman for the first time, so that will be cool. We'll be performing.

What was it like to handpick your rock group? We did auditions in L.A. I had my original band come out and audition. I had some other friends of mine that are great musicians audition. To make a long story short, my old band didn't make it. I do have two old friends in the band that I've known for a while. I used to open for (my rhythm guitar player's) band. I've known him for about 11 years now. A couple of the dudes from L.A. made the band, and it's solid.

Do your kids think it's cool to have a rock star? Oh, yeah. I think it's cool when it benefits them. They just came out with us (for a few days).

I see that you are playing a lot of fair shows this summer. What is the difference between playing in front of a fair crowd as opposed to an arena crowd? It is different. I noticed that the fair crowds in general are more reserved. They've been out in the heat and riding rides and they're tired, but they want to see us. By the time the show is there, they are ready to sit down. It's a little more calm than our arena or club shows.

What is the best piece of advice that someone has given you about life in the music industry? Always remember that they work for you. When you have your own voice and you have your own opinions, don't just go with what everyone is telling you.

What's coming up for you? We're doing some shows with Bon Jovi on their home turf this year. We got the TV stuff coming up. We've got some overseas promotional stuff coming up over in Australia, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. We're pretty busy until the end of the year, and then I think we're going to be done. Done in the sense of getting ready to do a new record.

You already got to share the stage with Ed Kowalczyk and Live. Are there any other artists you would want to play with? Maybe Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden and Audioslave). That would be pretty awesome.

Have you been pulling out any covers on the tour? Yes, we have. Every now and then we pull out "Nutshell" from Alice in Chains. We do "Hey Man, Nice Shot" from Filter. ("Black" by Pearl Jam is) is probably one of my favorites.

Any other goals for the future? Not really, other than keeping the family together and trying to get through this tour and making a great record hopefully.


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