Band: Hit or Miss

Members: Andy Zeller, guitar and vocals; Tim Marowsky, guitar, piano and vocals; TravisLehr, drums

Who we talked to: Zeller

When did you start playing together? I started this band probably about eight months ago as a hard-core metal band with a couple other guys. (We) pretty much shifted from there into doing pop/rock stuff through trial and error because you get in bands and people don't work out. It actually feels a lot more comfortable for us in the band because it's what we'd rather play.

Where did the name come from? I came up with it because I've been playing music since I was 8, and I'm at a point in my life where I need to make something happen with it or I need to set it on the back burner. It's like my last shot in a band. It's either gonna hit or miss. It's also a New Found Glory song and I think everybody thinks I wanted to be New Found Glory, but that's not the case.

What are your musical influences? I always listen to a lot of pop/punk stuff. I listen to a lot of different stuff too . . . like metal. We write off of personal experiences. I try to write about negative stuff with more of a positive outlook.

Is there a place locally that you guys like to play? We haven't played any shows in this band yet. We had all these opportunities that came when we were in the writing process. Now we're staying in the writing process until we're done (our first album). I know I've already talked to Amp Avenue (in Springettsbury Township) about playing our first show there because it has a cool vibe to play at and a lot of kids come out and it's pretty fun. We're probably going to have our CD release party there hopefully.

You guys got signed with Make Out Records. How did that come about? I had a friend that was starting up a label. He contacted me because he heard the stuff that we had. He really liked our style and thought it was unique. There's only one finalized song so far. I haven't (recorded) in a professional studio before.

Are there any other local bands that you guys like? I'm good friends with Rosematter, Dropout Year from Maryland . . . Torn from Red and . . . Starting Over. Sunset Park is the other band on the label. I guess I should mention them. (Laughs)

What are your future goals? From the opportunities that arose so far to this point, I see no limit with us for this next year. I want to get the CD out. It's going to be at FYE and Hot Topic, so it's the biggest deal I've ever had with a CD. We're trying to put everything we have into it and make the best material that we can.

What are your thoughts about the music scene in York? It's like there's two different music scenes. There's a whole bar scene, and then there's a whole youth scene. I kind of get a little upset about (the youth scene) sometimes because a lot of kids now want to listen to . . . hard stuff. Kids come out to the shows, and they just don't want to have fun. That's what we're trying to do. We're just trying to be a positive band and just have fun with it.


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