Band: Paddywak

Members: Dutch Lynes, vocals; Scott Hearn, guitar; Christopher Rosier, drums; Bill Kahler, bass

Who we talked to: Kahler, Lynes and Hearn

Where did the name come from? Kahler: Actually, a previous member came up with the name and it kind of stuck through. We didn't want to lose the recognition.

I know you guys have been through some lineup changes. What's new? Lynes: I'm the baby.

Kahler: Dutch is our newest member. He joined us last year at the (York) fair. Our original singer had throat problems and family problems and couldn't continue. Scott and myself joined about four years ago with the drummer, Chris.

Can you describe your sound and style? Kahler: With the new lineup change came a new style change and a new direction we wanted to go. Dutch kind of helped us get over that hump. It's a cross between Godsmack and Marilyn Manson.

Is there a certain place that you guys like to play? Kahler: That's a loaded question. (Laughs) We like playing them all. We like being on stage.

Lynes: Everywhere we play, it's a different crowd and a different reaction. It's just a different feel everywhere we go.

How do you guys feel about the York music scene? Kahler: I think we've got a long way to go. The Hardware bars have added a lot to it. They get a variety of bands in there. We haven't been in there yet, but we're working on it. I think for originals, it's not that good locally.

Do you guys have a record out? Kahler: Our first CD was with our original singer. We don't play that anymore with the new direction and the new sound. We have been playing our new CD out . . . and getting just an overwhelming response. We're real happy.

What are you guys doing for the York Fair? Kahler: Basically, it's promotional for us. We pay for our own site just like any other vendor to get our CD out there. We just got the final copy of it before it goes off to be pressed. We're going to be selling our four-song demo for $5. We are continuing from that to a full-length (album). We're a Jagermeister-sponsored band so we hope to have some merchandise . . . so we can have some giveaways. We get to play for 10 days . . . That's a rarity.

Is there any artist that you are looking forward to at the York Fair? Kahler: We won't be able to go to any shows. We are loosely affiliated with Daughtry. Dutch knows his stage manager, who has heard a lot about us. (The stage manager) has promised to come over and see what we're about.

Like any local groups? Kahler: We've been working so much we haven't got out to see a lot of people. We're pretty good friends with Piece of Me. They just had a CD release party. Their stuff is pretty cool. It has a pretty cool retro sound.

If you could run the music industry for a day, what would you do? Kahler: Sign ourselves. (Laughs) That was an easy one.

Lynes: Try to bring some attention to this area. There are a lot of good bands out there in the area, but the market that we're in is just hard to get the attention.

Hearn: It's like winning the lottery sometimes.


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