Band: Papa Roach

Members: Jacoby Shaddix, vocals; Jerry Horton, guitar; Tobin Esperance, Bass; Dave Buckner, drums

Who we talked to: Shaddix

How has touring with Hinder and Buckcherry been going? It's been going great. Ripping shows every night and having fun and partying. Over the course of the tour, we really just bonded. To get out on tour and. . .just really become friends, that's cool.

What can we expect from your show at the fair Wednesday? Just a knockdown, drag-out, savage, badass rock 'n' roll show. That's why we're here, and that's what we're doing. We're just tearing through these cities. Of the 10 songs we play, eight of them are top-10 singles. It's a P. Roach greatest hits set.

What about the after parties? (Most of the nights are) out of control. When we were in Boston, it ended up turning into a kind of stripper festival. Just straight-up good times and entertainment. It's just boys being boys out here.

What was it like recording your latest record, "The Paramour Sessions," in the Paramour mansion? It was amazing. It was like living in this 10,000-square-foot mansion and every day waking up and playing rock 'n' roll. There was all this antique art and artifacts. It's on the top of the highest hill in Los Angeles, and plus, the house is haunted. The original owner of the house is buried on the property, so she kind of keeps an eye on the place. Things were going bump in the night. It's a killer environment. Our single "Forever" was heavily influenced by the whole environment and the haunting.

You host the MTV show "Scarred." How did that come about? MTV came to me and said, "hey do you want to host this show...about skaters and snowboarders and motor cross guys and all their accidents?" Extreme sports and rock 'n' roll go hand in hand. I get to be me and have fun and it's all worked out. We finished up the first season and will find out soon enough if we're going to get a second season.

Do you have any scars? I got 11 staples in my head. I got a trash can thrown at my head.

How many tattoos do you have? I'm working on my other sleeve. We actually have a tattoo artist coming out on the road with us in a couple days for the rest of the tour. I'm getting a pirate ship tatted on my arm.

What artist would you guys want to share the stage with? I think it would be killer to share the stage with Rage Against the Machine.

What are you guys going to do after the tour? We're going to go make another record. We're going to move back up to Sacramento and . . . record a record in our hometown, which is something we haven't done in 10 years.


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