Band: Silent Resolve

Members: Justin Black, vocals and guitar; Brandon Schlosser, vocals and guitar; Matt Lutz, bass; Neal Warner, drums

We talked to: Lutz

Where did the name come from? We started playing about a year and a half ago. We all came from different bands. Me and our drummer, Neal, came from the band In Chagrin. Basically, we went through some tough times in that band. We actually lost our guitar player (Jason Byerly) about two years ago to a drug overdose. After that . . . I started hanging out at the Tourist Inn and met Brandon.

Does the name change have a significant meaning? We kind of just sat down one night. It kind of means a solution may present itself through music.

Describe your sound and style? We're definitely a really hard band. Most people would consider us punk or alternative rock. We're super-original, and that's really important to us.

Who are your influences? We always disagree on who is the greatest band. My big influences were . . . At the Drive-In and Hot Water Music, which are kind of like indie/punk bands. Brandon, he likes to listen to rap (and) metal. Justin . . . is really old school. His favorite artist is definitely Jimi Hendrix.

What do you think of the York music scene? It was really hard for us to get started. Being all-original and trying to get in the scene is kind of tough.

What inspires songs? When we write songs, we usually write the music first . . . and then get the whole song laid out. After that's done, we think what does this song sound like or remind us of as far as lyrics go. We talk about all kinds of topics from religion to politics.


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