Band: Tamboureens

Members: Scott Brundage, guitar; Jeff Metz, guitar; Sebastian Sizemore, lead vocals

Who we talked to: Brundage and Sizemore

How long have you been playing together? Sizemore: Me and the other guitar player, Jeff, have been playing together for about three years. We were in a band called The Shade Trees before and we played a lot in York, went out to California, came back and I met Scott. I actually got a job with him at Weis. That was like a month ago.

What did you guys do out in California? Sizemore: We went out to play music. We started out in Santa Cruz and then we went to south San Francisco. Jeff went back to Santa Cruz, and I went to Oceanside.

Describe your sound: Brundage: We're influenced by a lot of '60s pop; a lot of British invasion-type stuff: Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who. The stuff I write is just a modern version of the early Beatles so far. (Our songs) get stuck in your head.

What other artists do you listen to? Sizemore: I don't really listen to the radio unless I'm listening to Oldies 96.1 (FM). There are some newer bands that don't get a lot of radio play over here on the East Coast, though, like The Flaming Lips.

What songs do you love to cover? Sizemore: We do cover a lot of songs. We like to concentrate more on our originals. We like doing stuff from The Zombies and The Rolling Stones.

Are there other local bands that you guys like? Sizemore: We've only played one show up to this point since we've only been together for about three weeks. On (July 27) we have a show with Paradise Movement. We hope to start playing some shows with some of these local bands. They're pretty good.

What is your take on the music scene in York? Sizemore: It's not the greatest place in the world to be, but we love York. Two of us have been born and raised here. The West Coast has a lot more venues for original bands (that are) out of the ordinary. There are some good venues, and there are definitely fans around here. There's a lot of good artists, too.

What are your goals for the band? Brundage: We're booked up for a lot of this month and next month. We're coming out with our demo. It's going to be a three-song demo. . . I think we all just want to be career musicians. It's something that we love to do, and I think we're going to pursue it.

Do you guys listen to other genres of music? Sizemore: We're into rock 'n' roll. I don't think a lot of the stuff on the radio deserves to be called rock 'n' roll. I've done a lot of vocal work with the hip-hop group Paradise Movement, so I can respect it and I can respect pretty much any genre of music. But I pretty much stick to the blues and the rock 'n' roll.

Shoutouts: Sizemore: We want to thank Alex Smith. He's going to be playing drums for us in the studio.

Brundage: Everybody come out to (our show). It's going to be a good time.


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