Durvel Wilson Jr. is planning to give Jay-Z a run for him money.

But on a recent Monday, the 10-year-old, had to get to football practice first.

Inspired by the 50 Cent biopic, "Get Rich or Die Tryin,'" Durvel started entering freestyle rap battles at the age of 8. He was actually given his stage name - Young Vishis - by another rapper.

"I got into music because my parents were in music for a long time," said the Arthur W. Ferguson Elementary School fifth-grader.

His father, Durvel Wilson Sr., manages the local music promotion company Native Son Entertainment.

His mother, Marisa Shockley-Wilson, and aunt's Bridget and Shavon Shockley had an R&B singing group named Beneath The Surface.

Durvel's parents knew their son was serious about music when he held a concert in their living room a few years ago.

Since then, they've been Durvel's support system when he needs help balancing his schoolwork with his music.

On a recent Saturday, Durvel went straight to New York City after a football game for a photo shoot.

He said it was fun, even though he was a little tired.

If Durvel ever needs to get pumped, he listens to Jay-Z, T.I. and Drake. He admires local hip-hop artists M.O. and Ez, too.

But his main mission: "I want make people feel like that I'm the best rapper there is."

Durvel said he thinks his age is an advantage.

People usually underestimate him, but after they hear him rap, he earns their respect.

Since he feels at home on stage, Durvel said he focuses on the crowd during performances.

It worked wonders at his Aug. 15 show at the Toyota Arena in West Manchester Township.

Durvel plans to perform at his school soon. A Christmas Boys & Girls Club tour in New York City, video shoots and independent film roles are in the works, but right now, Durvel is focused on writing songs.

He has about seven tunes ready to record and hopes to have his first album out soon.

At times, Durvel still likes to be a typical 10-year-old.

He shoots hoops, watches TV and plays with his little sister.

But his friends think his blossoming music career is pretty cool, he said.

Some have even joined his street team that helps promote his mixtapes and appearances.

"They think I should keep rapping until I'm an old man," he said.

Durvel said agrees with them except he has a few other goals, too.

"I want to win a Grammy," he said.

And from the way Durvel busts rhymes about Barack Obama, Louis Vuitton and Y.C. (York City) in his single "Coming Up," Jay-Z might want to watch out.


Young Vishis raps at the August High Off Life concert:

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