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From These Wounds


From These Wounds

Members: Seth Rosier, lead vocals; Tyler Fuhrman, guitar; Anthony Kauffman, guitar; Tom Mehall, bass; Chris Rosier, drums

Who we talked to: Fuhrman, 17

How did you guys meet/how long have you been performing together? We originally formed as me and Seth (in October 2008). During the last year, we picked up all of our members and formed the band . . . in April or early May.

How did you come up with the name? We decided on the name around the same time we got all of the members together. It was a name to the song (by) All That Remains. It didn't have too much meaning to it, really.

Who are your influences? It's a very big variety of music. Anything as far as Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying . . . and Pantera.

Where do you play in the area? We played in October for the York Halloween Parade on our own float, and we . . . booked a show (Jan. 16 at Club 19). We're on the lineup with three other bands. (Club 19) is one of the better venues around here for up-and-coming bands to get noticed at. It's a good environment to get started in.

Like any other local bands? Yeah, we know quite a few. (We like) I Sea Monsters . . . Beyond the End and Hold Your Breath.

What is your take on the York music scene? (For) the past couple years, the music scene has been growing, and it's been easier for bands to get a little recognition around here. Around here, everything's usually the same. We're not trying to sound like anything else. We're pretty excited to play out and do our own thing.

What can people expect from your live show? They can expect a lot of energy, passionately written songs . . . and as far as what people can expect to hear, (we're) kind of radio-worthy and sometimes very heavy. Right now, we're starting off with a couple of our own originals and covering a song or two. In the future, we're . . . going to be doing strictly originals.

What is you favorite part about being on stage? (We love) the adrenaline rush (we) get (and) having people there to listen to (us). (We like) to put on a show for other people to listen to and just have a good time.

How do you guys come up with your material? We kind of just go for a certain sound that we're looking for. Really, there's no set way that we write our songs. (There's) lots of playing pool. (Laughs) Mainly, what's been going down is that we come up with guitar riffs. We put them in a certain order that sounds really good and we, you know, write lyrics to it and get the drums and bass in.

Besides playing pool, what do you guys like to do when you're hanging out at practice? (There's) a lot of horseplay and eating. (We spend) a lot of time at McDonald's. (Laughs)

Are you guys going into the studio anytime soon? In the future, we're looking to record a four-song EP. We're looking to do that by April 1. Then, we're looking to maybe do a very small East Coast tour this summer. We're looking to . . . (play) one show here, then go to New York (and) Massachusetts and then go down to New Jersey and maybe Georgia and Florida, and then come back here to do one last show.

How has MySpace helped? We keep people posted as much as we can about everything. (We post) videos and pictures . . . and song tracks (and) our shows coming up. It's really easy for bands to get shows and get people to come to shows. MySpace has really helped out a lot.

What are some of your biggest challenges? Not killing each other and having enough practices in a week. (It's hard) trying to get everybody there at the same day and the same time (and) trying to work around our work schedules and school and extracurricular activities and all of that.

Where do you hope to be two or three years from now? Hopefully, everything goes the right way, and, if we're still together then, which we're hoping we are, then whatever happens, happens. We're not really expecting to get big, but if we do that would be really nice.


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