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Members: Joe Cipollini, drums; Jordan Davis, guitar and vocals; Tristan Martin, piano, vocals and guitar; Tim Warren, bass and vocals

Who we talked to: Davis, 24 How was your June 26 CD release party at the Chameleon Club ? We were fortunate enough to get a chance to play with a band called Lovedrug . . . over the past couple years because we opened for them in a couple places. They've grown to be, like, one of our favorite bands. When the show came up, I just . . . threw out there (the idea of) them playing on the show with us. They were really cool about it . . . and we got them to do the show. On top of that, we were able to sell 250 pre-sale tickets to the show, which is the most we've ever done.

Your single "Give It Up Now" was played on WXPN recently. How did that feel? I kept missing it. We were able to keep getting some airplay and were able to be (WXPN's) Daily Download a week or two before the (album) release. That day, I was able to kind of know when it was going to be (played). It was . . . a very cool feeling.

Is "On Our Own Together" your first full-length album? We are calling (it) that. We recorded one when we were a duo . . . we did everything on our own. It was a very low-budget . . . venture. It's not that we're not proud of it, but it was almost like another time for us. As far as this lineup and . . . what we've become, it is our first full length.

When did you transition from a duo to a quartet? We played as a duo for a long time. Then, about four years ago . . . we added the drummer we have now and a different bass player. We did one tour, and we played a little bit. Our bass player moved on . . . and we found (Warren) by luck. He just auditioned . . . and he just ended up being a perfect fit and a breath of fresh air. Since then, we've just gotten tighter and tighter musically and with (our) friendship.

So you recorded your latest album professionally? It's still self-funded, but we recorded it with our producer Dustin Burnett, who works out of Nashville, Tenn. We actually had won a contest in Dewey Beach, Del., to do songs with him two years ago. (We recorded) two songs for free. We really got along with him . . . and it was a blast. We went to Nashville over the winter and (recorded) in three different studios. We didn't get to see much of the city because we were so busy, but it was a really good experience.

What else do you guys have on tap this summer? At this point, we're getting ready to . . . sell our album. I know we're going to be playing a lot regionally. Hopefully, there is some sort of tour in the works, although we don't have any of that worked out yet. We're already getting a lot of really great feedback about the album. We (had) a video release in Harrisburg on July 10, and then we're having a hometown York release (Saturday) at Club 19. We are also looking to do a run of vinyl for that show.

Do you want to talk about your video shoot? A friend of ours Rick Gadd out of Harrisburg (helped us). When he heard the new single, he was just really excited about it. We're super-thankful for him. We took a day of shooting. We had a set inside of a venue . . . and we shot kind of out on a Harrisburg bridge - one of those old, dilapidated bridges. It ended up looking really cool. It will be online (at a month after our (video release) show.

What do you think about York's music scene? There (are) a lot of great artists playing right now like Free Breakfast and A.D. Chandler. The thing that I'd love to see York doing more is . . . to have more all-ages venues, which is really tough because it's harder to make money.

Who are your other musical influences? We (like) a pretty wide variety. Tim and Tristan . . . love Paramore a lot. I like a lot of Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. I like a lot . . . of the indie folk kind of scene. Some blogger said . . . if Kings of Leon and The Fray had a baby it would be Kingsfoil.

What are your challenges? When we started . . . there was a lot that changed in the music industry as far as record labels (were) concerned and how they aren't as big a part of music. We're realizing how it's changing and how we kind of have to adjust. Sometimes, it's daunting (to maintain) social networks. It's still important to be as personal as you can with people no matter how big (we) get.


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Kingsfoil hosts a all-ages CD release party for its new album "On Our Own Together" at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at Club 19, 1427 N. Duke St. in York. For details, visit

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