Band: The Infidels

Members: Ian Dellinger, guitar and vocals; Karl Gerbstaht, bass; Kelly McClain, drums; Noah Michael, violin

Who we talked to: Dellinger, 25

How did you guys meet/ How long have you been performing together? We got together a couple years ago, and I guess I just sort of went through a writing process. I had been in a bunch of bands before, but, for the first time . . . I was writing my own music. I had this idea . . . to get other instruments involved that were different than your normal guitar, bass and drums. I've sort of been working on this CD that just came out ("Make No Apologies") . . . for three years now.

How did you come up with the band name? The name The Infidels is actually from an old Bob Dylan record. We just sort of liked the name, and it kind of stuck. It doesn't have any, like, significant meaning. It just kind of sounded cool.

Where do you get your inspiration for your songs? Music in general . . . is my medicine. For me, it's something I escape into, you know, when everything else in my life is not going as planned. I just fall into my guitar and writing lyrics. The songs on ("Apologies") sort of reflect where I was emotionally when I was writing them. My parents are divorced. I haven't seen my mom in many years and (a few years ago) I was sort of just going through a period in my life when I didn't have a job. I do have music going for me. That's what I'm sticking with.

Who were your influences? I listened to a lot of music my older brother exposed me to. Most of it was sort of from the '80s. A lot of it was underground kind of punk-rock stuff. Even though my music isn't punk-rock I still think it has a mentality where there's a lot of angst behind it. It's sort of a rebellious sort or thing. I like it to be exhilarating to . . . put you in a mindset where everything isn't perfect and here are some musicians who aren't afraid to say that.

How does it feel to have your music out there after three years of work? It's been quite an experience. Coming out with a CD is kind of like a birthing experience. You think it's going to change everything, but it doesn't really change the situation around you. Music is a good way of meeting people. We did all the songs that were on this CD at a different studio. We weren't happy with the sound quality. That was sort of a waste of time, money and effort. Luckily, we found a studio that was local . . . and we're really happy with the quality.

You guys are with MyRuralRadio, right? We were sort of one of the first bands to have the label . . . called Rural Radio Records. The founders were my cousins Mike (Males) and Trampas (Ferree). They . . . really helped me get stuff done . . . and brought me into the scene a little bit.

Have you played out at all? We've played at the MyRuralRadio (Fall Music) Festival. Now we're going to start booking a lot. We'd like to do a tour . . . but, so far, we only have a couple booked. We played (earlier this month) in Seven Valleys. Friday the 13th is the show at The Depot and we (play) the Glen Rock Mill Inn. We'd like to expand, definitely. All of us have kind of been doing the York scene. Open mikes are kind of where it's at in York. It's hard to do big shows and production-level stuff in York.

Have you met other bands in the area? The other day I met members of Horsecop. I was at a music meeting a couple weeks ago and in walks members of Live and Candlebox (who are now in the group The Gracious Few). It was at the Think Drink (event at Maewyn's Irish Pub & Restaurant.) Members of Live came in and started talking about good places to play and how those places don't exist anymore. (They) talked about how . . . word of mouth is still the best way to hear about shows and bands.

What are your goals? I guess we wouldn't be able to afford any more studio time until we get rid of all the CDs we have now. I'm sort of staring at three very large boxes. (Laughs) I've been trading them for other CDs and artwork and alcohol. It's really just a form of currency for us right now. It's all about the experience. There's not really any way to really come up and be a financial success. We've all got stories to tell.


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The Infidels throw a CD release party for their album "Make No Apologies" Friday at The Depot, 360 W. Cottage Place in York. Patrick Hooker and Radio Cowboy will also take the stage. Doors open at 8 p.m. and admission is $6. For details, visit

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