The Eleventh Hour

Members: Andrew Galuppo, guitar; Michael Galuppo, drums; Kelsey Shearer, vocals; Michaela Shearer, bass; Ryan Phoman

Who we talked to: Michael Galuppo, 17

How did you guys meet/how long have you been performing together? We actually started as a church worship team (at Christ's American Baptist Church in Heidelberg Township). We all found a common music interest, and we decided to start a band out of it. (For) the first little while, we just learned some songs. It wasn't until a couple months after we formed the band that we actually started playing stuff.

Were you all friends before you started the band? We were friends for a while before that and we just got a new member (Ryan), and we were friends with him for a while . . . too.

How did you come up with the name? The Eleventh Hour is sort of, like, nearing the end. It's kind of like, don't waste your life because you never know when it could be over. That's the basis of it. From a Christian standpoint . . . for us, it's like, don't waste your life, give your life to God.

Where have you played in the area? (We've) played a bunch of churches, Club 19 and we've been out in Lancaster at Warehouse 54 . . . and up in Harrisburg at The Championship. We play at battle of the bands (competitions) and our school talent show every year, so pretty much anywhere we can find a place to play.

Do you guys all go to the same school? Three of us are seniors, one is a sophomore and one graduated, but she was from the same school. (Spring Grove Area Senior High School)

Walk me through your songwriting process. When it comes to (songwriting), that's my job. I'm the drummer, so normally you wouldn't think that I'm the one who does all the music. Kelsey, the lead singer, and me split the lyrics. Once we have lyrics we like, I write a lot of the (instrumental) parts. My brother, Andrew, writes all the guitar parts. Then, we put it all together and change stuff until we like it.

How did you get into music? I actually started playing in fourth grade and my brother started playing guitar in probably about fifth or sixth grade. We played together all the time - just whatever we wanted to play. (He and I) were in a band a couple years ago just to play for fun. We really didn't do shows or anything that often. I got into music at our church because (they) were short a drummer. Since then, I've gone to other (instruments) other than drums. I just enjoy every part of it, and the rest of (the group members) enjoy all sorts of music, too.

Are you planning to major in music? I'm actually going for music business, so basically it's a bunch of music classes and a bunch of business classes. I'm not sure (where I'll be going yet.) Right now, Lebanon Valley College is my first choice and I have Messiah College and York College on the list.

Do you plan to continue the band after you graduate high school? Definitely. I'm going to get through college. Then, hopefully, we can see where the band goes from there. We'd definitely like to do this for the rest of our lives. It will definitely be hard work.

Looking at the music business do you see any challenges for your group? The odds are definitely against us. There are tons of bands out there. That music business major is definitely going to help (me) know the ins and outs of the industry and will (help me) figure stuff out that a lot of people wouldn't know. It's definitely a hard road as far as actually getting signed and stuff like that.

What are the bands that inspire you? A far as our sound, it's probably like Fireflight or Paramore. (The Eleventh Hour) can go from sounding (like) normal rock to metal. Our guitarist screams a little bit. (A band) that I would love to be like as far as touring and popularity would be Skillet because they've been my favorite (group) for a while.

Are you friends with other bands in the area? We're pretty good friends with Free the Fallen from Lancaster (and) We Fought By The Sword from York. We have contacts with a bunch of other bands, but those are the two that we're closer to.

Have you been in the studio at all yet? About a month ago, we released an EP ("Voices of the Nation"). Since we're a local band and don't have much money, one of the guys from our school has a studio and over the summer, he recorded five of our songs for us. We just (started) selling it online, and it will be on iTunes. It was definitely a different experience. I've messed around with recording just at my house, but I'm not too great at it. It was a long process . . . but it was really cool.


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