Band: New Threads

Members: Steve Davis, guitar, vocals; Dave Pedrick, guitar, vocals; Lynn Royer, vocals

Who we talked to: Davis, 57

How did you guys meet/how long have you been performing together? First of all, I met my wife (Lynn Royer) some years ago when she was doing a studio project, and the studio owner called me up and said, "Hey, there's this woman in here who's doing some great music, but her guitar player's not so hot. You should come over and check this stuff out." So, I did and we kind of hit it off musically. Later, her husband had passed away and our relationship grew from that. We were married in 2009. I was doing an open mike over in Lancaster, and Dave was a regular patron. Dave's an awesome musician who has played many venues and styles. At one point or another, it occurred to us (that) we should see what happens when we get together.

How did you come up with the name? Naming a band is worse than naming a kid. Usually, when you're naming a kid, there are only two people thinking of names. With a band, it's like using a committee. (Laughs) It came out of e-mails back and forth. There (are) threads of e-mails. It also encompasses some other things, too, like the feeling you get when you buy new clothing. That's our approach to music entertainment. We're trying to reach many levels of listeners. So (for) the people (who) want to sing along to our songs, we offer that. But we also will twist that song . . . so that the more discerning, like, musician listener will appreciate what we're doing as well.

Describe your sound and style: It's three voices and two acoustic guitars. We'll take songs that you would not think an acoustic trio would do like Queen or Boston. We can do from Norah Jones and Sade up to Boston (and) Led Zeppelin. We have a lot of fun on stage. Dave and I are pretty accomplished guitarists. We are not doing, like, Jimmy Buffett stuff. Not to belittle that, but we've been there and done that, and we're not only trying to please the audience, but we have to please ourselves in our performances as well to keep it interesting and challenging.

Have you been in other groups over the years? I've been in probably more groups than you can believe. I've played everything from country to top 40 to improvisational stuff. Dave has done . . . jazz, classical (and) the whole gamut of things.

Do you ever write your own music? We do have original material. Lynn is really writing some great stuff that we are now rearranging for the trio. I have a few (songs and) Dave has a few. We do realize that some places are more prone to original material. Some are more prone for cover material. Depending on where we are playing, we're able to lean one way or the other.

Where have you performed? We did a benefit at the (Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center) in the fall of last year as kind of a dry run and then we took some time to work up a show. We've played Bistro 19 and Victor's (Italian Restaurant). We have Maewyn's (Irish Pub and Restaurant) coming up (and) the Glen Rock Mill Inn. We're going to be playing (Saturday, Feb. 26) down at The Wagon Shed (Concert Series) in New Freedom. For that night, you'll be able to connect to and see us perform. We're also doing a benefit show. There is a guy in Lancaster who's (vintage clothing shop) Zap & Co. burned down. We're playing a coffee shop (Thursday, Feb. 24), and we're going to give all the proceeds and donations and tips or whatever to that fund.

Do you have day jobs? Lynn is a teacher so (music is) part-time for her. I'm a self-employed graphic designer in the daytime, and then in the evenings I'm a musician. Dave is pretty much a full-time musician.

How did you get into music? My parents were very musical. My dad was a church organist. My mom plays piano. I was the black sheep who got Led Zeppelin and Cream albums and was hollered at for playing them. I had some piano lessons when I was small and played French horn through school. (I) taught myself to play guitar. I don't read music for guitar; it's all pretty much by ear and feeling, where Dave is the studied guy. He went to school and got a degree in music. Lynn does play a little bit of guitar. She also plays some piano, which helps her write music.

What guitarists do you admire? I've been influenced by everything I've heard either positively or negatively. (I liked) the typical Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, (Jimi) Hendrix (and) Jeff Beck. In later years, I've really been listening to some jazz.

How many guitars do you have? Right now, I think I have about 12 guitars. Dave's got about 10. Some of mine are kind of junky, but they're there. (Laughs)

Are you guys looking to do an album at all? Absolutely. Given some time, we'd like to write our own music together. Right now, we're kind of relying on Lynn's material for the original stuff. We're still learning what we do best I think and who brings what to the table. Once that comfort level is achieved, I think some writing is definitely in the future.


If you go

New Threads will perform 7 to 9 Thursday, Feb. 24, at The Coffee Company, 1639 Lititz Pike, Lancaster. All proceeds and donations will be given to a fund for Steve Murray, the owner of the vintage store Zap & Co., which was recently destroyed in a fire. For details, call 299-7118.

The group also will perform Saturday, Feb. 26, at the Wagon Shed Concert Series at Stringed Instrument Repairs, 109 N. Second St., New Freedom. The all-ages show runs 8 to 10 p.m. For details, visit Can't go? Watch online at


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