Artist: Dani Hoy, 44

When did you get into music? My whole life, I've loved singing and I've loved performing. I actually didn't get into performance much until I went to high school (where) I was in different choirs and theater groups. I started learning how to play guitar when I was 12 and never really developed it a whole lot until recently - strange, but true. (Laughs) I've always enjoyed music and singing, but it didn't seem to me at the time to be the kind of thing I was really looking to get into. I'm an artist as well. I've done fine art and illustration on my own. I love drawing and painting. For some reason, music has always been that bigger thing - the bigger

picture - for me.

Do you still act? I've been involved in York Little Theatre for quite a few years. I've been doing plays and musicals there and also volunteering in other ways there. But (I haven't been involved) as much this year, because of (my) music. I've always loved being in the arts. When it comes down to it, I think what I like doing best is telling

stories, whether it's in art or music or whatever. Music, to me, tells stories with a rhythm. That's really what pulled me into writing my own music.

Are the songs you write mostly based on your life and experiences? They can be as simple as, like, a feeling (or) a thought that I had about something or an observation. (My songs) can be a little bit fantastical. They're not always really specifically about my life. I have the song "Tropical Man" I wrote. There (are) these stations that play this music called trop rock (or) tropical rock. It's kind of loosely based on Jimmy Buffett as a model.

It's a lot about escapism and

running off to the shore or moving to an island. When I was listening to the music, it seemed that there were a whole lot of guys singing this music. I was thinking ... "what would a woman's fantasies be about running off to the tropics?" A couple of the songs on my CD, "TropiGal," (are) about women who want to escape.

Have you visited the islands? I just got back from Key West, Fla. We did an event down here called Meet Me in The Keys. I'm actually a Parrot Head, which is a Jimmy Buffett fan. I'm in the Hanover (Area) Parrot Head Society and Parrot Heads in Amish Paradise. It's a social club that meets and has fun, but we raise money for charity. There was a club in Florida who had us down for their event. Key West is like our Mecca.

What venues do you play in the area? I've been playing almost every Sunday at (Olivia's Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine) in Gettysburg. I'm playing out on their deck. I'll be playing at the York Fair at their beach bar (in) September. Erick Macek is coming into town from California. He's going to be playing Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy on Saturday. I'll be opening for him at 9 p.m. He was on "The Voice." He didn't get through the audition, but he definitely made make a splash there. He's opened for David Gray and for a few other musicians.

When did your album come out? It actually was released at the end of April. It's doing pretty well. I have it on a lot of different outlets - iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and my website. It's 10 original songs. I also did the graphic design on it myself, because I'm a graphic designer. When you listen to (the album) you feel like you just want to drive down to the beach and relax. I started working on it since last July. I didn't just want to come out with an EP. I wanted to come out with something really strong. I'm very happy with it.

Jimmy Buffett seems like a big influence. What other artists inspire you? I'm very eclectic in my musical taste. I grew up during the '70s and the '80s. I loved the singer-songwriter stuff. I love listening to Lucinda Williams and Bonnie Raitt. I love some country. I like Jack Johnson. I love songs with good, strong hooks. Elton John ... Bruce Cockburn ... and Mary Chapin Carpenter (are some) of my big influences.

Like any local bands? Tropical Soul ... and Copper Sky (are bands) I like locally. I'm on (I'm into) a lot of the Americana-type music.

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Dani Hoy

Erick Macek

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If you go

Local musician Dani Hoy will open for

Bethlehem-native singer-songwriter Erick Macek

9 p.m. July 20 at Bube's Brewery, 102 N. Market St., Mount Joy. Tickets are $5. For details, call 717-653-2056 or visit

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