Members: Alex Fattore and Bryan Fauth

Who we talked to: Fauth, 32

How did you guys meet/ How long have you been performing together? We were in an original project from about 2009 to 2011. That kind of fizzled out just because we all were involved in other things. Then, (Alex and I) reconnected, and we thought we would just try the acoustic duo. We both play acoustic guitars. Alex is the main singer, I sing harmonies. If we have friends (who are) out that night, they'll come and just kind of help. Alex also plays harmonica, so we utilize that. Guitar is my main instrument, but I can also hold my own if there (are) drums around or a bass or anything like that. I have an effects board where I can sort of add little flavors (to the songs).

Did the name just come naturally? We were going to go with a regular name, and we couldn't really find anything. We originally thought, "Why don't we call it The Fattore Project or something?" After I said (Alex's) last name for a bit, we thought it had a nice ring. We just stuck with it. I think it fits kind of what we're doing. We played ... Bube's Brewery and the one guy equated it to Van Halen - just the name part of it. Alex obviously likes it. It wouldn't work for me if it was just called Fauth. (Laughs)

Describe your sound/style? It's original music. I always say it's like rock and soul. Then we do some covers, like blues-type (songs). We include a Kiss song (and) a Bill Withers song.

Who are your influences? Being a guitar player, I was really influenced by Jimi Hendrix. There was a guy who used to be in Mr. Big (named) Paul Gilbert. I really like him. He's very technical. Anything from my era like the Guns N' Roses ... influenced me. Weezer is a big favorite of mine, but we don't incorporate that style into (our) music. Both Alex and myself listen to a wide variety of stuff.

When did you get into music? I've been playing guitar since I was 7. Then, when I was a teenager, I got into some bands with my buddies (at West York Area) High School. Then, I went to Central (York High School) and just kind of met people and just kind of networked as much as you can when you're a teenager. Being local ... I've played with a lot of people. It's kind of cool because there (are) a lot of different side projects. We have mutual friends (who) will say, "Hey, I'm playing a show or an open mike here. Can you come and help out or something?" We always like to do that to promote the local music scene.

Like any other local bands? There's a gentleman (whose) name is Soji. I play with him and other musicians will get up. In that little circle there are a bunch of people (including) Sabrina Duke. I haven't played with Pete (Richards) and Lindsey (Keeney), but I have been to their house (and studio) - the Sign of the Wagon. I think it's great that everybody's trying to get the whole local thing together because there is a scene. You just sort of (have) to find it.

Are you a regular at local open mikes? Jen Snell hosts an open mike that we go to sometimes, and she's a great soul singer. We try to get as many (open mikes) as we can within reason with both of our schedules. We've been to Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, the Burning Bridge (Tavern and) Hurricane Pizza (Grill). They recently revamped the entire place. (We play) the New Oxford Coffee Co. That's really cool because they welcome original music. If they like what they hear, they'll book you to pay you.

With Alex being in the Lancaster area, is there a difference in what's happening there as opposed to York? I would say so. I think York has a definite folk scene. I think Lancaster has more of an Indie rock-type thing. They're both growing, but they're ... a little different.

What's coming up for you through the rest of the year? Not so much because, in addition to this original project ... Alex and I are also in a cover band. We kind of divvy up our time between the two projects. Then, I'm in with Soji, too, so I have three things going on. I think in December we're going to play the First Friday at Just Cupcakes café in downtown York. We've played that before and that was fun.

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Hear Fattore 6 p.m. during York's First Friday at Just Cupcakes' café, 9 W. Philadelphia St. For details, call 717-848-448 or visit Read about more First Friday happenings on the centerspread or at



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