Q: How did the band form?

A: We formed in 2012. Actually, the first two members were Dwayne and Alexander. Then, I joined. For a long time, it was just the three of us "¦ rehearsing and getting our chops right. Then we went and recruited Benjamin ... the bass player. He's out of Harrisburg. After that (we added) a guitar player. His name is Bill Walsh. He's from the Harrisburg area, also. Eventually, Carmen Bryant joined us.

Q: What is your style?

A: We have originals, but we're working on them. What we do are cover songs. We play things from the '70s to current (music). We do Mary J. Blige (and) "Blurred Lines." We do some old hip-hop. Most of our music is more soulful funk oriented. Everybody comes from different backgrounds. Carmen is originally from York. She has toured with The S.O.S. Band at one time after her stint in the military. Benjamin ... has a strong gospel background. Ben is the youngest. (The rest of us) have at least 30 years in the business. Bill is also active ... in the blues scene in Harrisburg, and he has his own band. Dwayne ... has that strong ... funky drummer type of rhythm. I joined the band after being in a reggae band. Alex is ... a classically trained keyboardist.

Q: How did you come up with the band name?

A: Alex is from Russia. "P" stands for Pennsylvania (where) everyone else is from. Dwayne, the drummer, is from Memphis, Tenn. He named the band R.P.M. I like to say the acronym R.P.M. stands for rhythm, power and movement.

Q: Where do you play?

A: We do the White Rose every second Friday of the month. We have played at The Roosevelt Tavern. We have done gig also at Bistro 19. We've played in Baltimore. Right now, we're in the process of sending our packages to Philadelphia and the New York area and the Washington D.C. area. We just finished doing a demo. R.P.M. is still a baby. All the musicians have been doing this for years (but) this is actually a new band (and) a new project. We're a party band.

Q: And you'll be rocking on New Year's Revolution in York, correct?

A: Yeah. We were fortunate enough to get that. I think New Year's Eve is going to be a great experience for York. We put on a show, and we're very entertaining. So is Sabrina (Duke). We're ready for (the cold). The truth of the matter is once you get flowing up there, you forget about the temperature. We make it hot. (Laughs)

Q: What are your goals for 2014?

A: The main thing ... is to stay together as a group. It's kind of rough out here. Everyone has families. We have to make money. We have to support ourselves. Just starting out, the struggle right now is that we're still learning each other. When we're together playing, everything is forgotten. It's about music. It's about bring joy and a danceable, lovable atmosphere to the people we're entertaining.

About the band

Members: Carmen Bryant, vocals; Dwayne Dickie, drums and vocals; Benjamin Pearson, bass and vocals; Bill Walsh, guitar and vocals; Alexander Solmosky, keyboard and vocals; Louis E. Woodyard, Jr. , percussion and vocals

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