On the blog: See photos and video from the band's York show at Sign of the Wagon March 27.

Q: You used to be based in Dillsburg. When did you join Tumbling Bones?

A: I started playing in my own band. I just went under my own name. It was more of a rock 'n' roll, kind of Americana sound with some folk influences. I was playing a lot in the York area and Harrisburg ... with some people from York like Alex Smith, who now lives in Philadelphia and plays with Cold Fronts. In 2013, I released my first solo album called "Starcrossed Losers." I worked on it for about a year with about 15 or 16 musician friends.

Right around that time I (connected) with Tumbling Bones. One of the guys is from Bethlehem. I opened for them once in 2011 in Philadelphia. We met up (last spring) to see if it would work out. All of our voices complemented each other really well. They offered me to join the band. They already had a tour of Ireland in the works, so we went there last May. I decided to move to Portland, Maine.

Q: Do you often tour abroad?

A: We're going back (to Ireland) again in about a month. We're also going to Germany and England this time. Tumbling Bones music ... is more traditional folk (and) acoustic music. It has strong ties with Irish traditional music. They love their traditional music — Celtic Irish music. They love bluegrass, and they love folk. There's a great response to it. This will be the band's third time going to Ireland (and) my second time. Each time it grows, and we reach more people. Last year, we hired a publicist, who (helped) get us on radio stations. Because Ireland is such a smaller area than the United States, it's easier to make an impact.

Q: Have you gone into the studio?

A: In September, we recorded a full-length album up here in Maine ... in an old farmhouse. It will the band's first full-length album, and it will be the first recording with me on it. It's half original (and) half covers from traditional songs and country songs. It's called "Loving a Fool." We will be releasing that when we get back from Europe in June.

Q: Do you get down to this area often?

A: We definitely get down to Pennsylvania a good bit, since two of us are from there. We go about as far south as central Virginia. We play in Charlottesville. We (travel) up to Northern Maine. We have a broad range along the East Coast. We're going to be playing in Philadelphia (Friday, March 28).

Q: How did you find Sign of the Wagon?

A: I met Pete (Richards) and Lindsey (Keeney) a while ago. I used to be in a band called The Backroad. We'd play First Friday (shows) and at the First Capital (Dispensing Co.) Through the music scene, we met (Pete and Lindsey). We became good friends. They actually sang on my solo album. I just emailed Pete and said, "we're going to come out."

Q: How does York compare to Portland?

A: Portland ... is the biggest city in Maine. It's actually the size of York. It's similar. There (are) a lot of cool little venues. Portland is like a big extension of (North Beaver Street) in York. (It has) more artsy and Earthy people. In terms of music, I'd say it's pretty similar. (Portland) is also a sea town. There's a working waterfront.

Q: What is coming up for you this summer?

A: The album is the big thing. We just started working with a booking agent. It's getting us into a lot of listening rooms and festivals we haven't been successful getting into before.

About the band

The band: Tumbling Bones plays bluegrass and pre-World War II songs and original compositions on acoustic instruments. They have performed their songs, infused with three-part harmonies, on NPR's "A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor.

The members: Pete Winne, Jake Hoffman and Kyle Morgan

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