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WATCH: Diane Keaton fangirled SO HARD when she met Justin Bieber on 'Ellen'

Miracles happen once in awhile if you Belieb.

Diane Keaton brings it every single time she's on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Friday was no exception!

The actress talked about her new wine, The Keaton, which she sipped over ice, naturally. And then Ellen brought up Justin Bieber, her week-long guest on the show, at about the 2:35 mark.

"I like that boy," Keaton said.

"He's a man now. He's 21," Ellen quipped. To which Keaton replied, "Even better!"

Then, the actress marveled over some shirtless photos of the singer in his Calvins before being surprised by Biebs himself! And her reaction was so priceless, beyond anything we could've imagined! And you must watch it for yourself OVER and OVER AGAIN!

After Bieber left the stage to get ready for his concert, a very excited Keaton asked Ellen, "Do you think he'll ask me out later?"

Sigh... A girl can dream!