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Gifts for your pet from York, Lancaster shops

Did your dog make the nice list? Did the pet lizard behave well this year? Not giving coal to that pesky pet hamster?

Well, consider yourself lucky. Several area pet stores are offering up a variety of holiday pet gifts for all types of pets. Owners can get everything from dog sweaters to woofy pies and doggie donuts.

"People consider their dogs their kids," said Christine Deleo, owner of Two Pups Pastries which sells gourmet dog treats at stores mostly in Lancaster County. "So they want to do everything they possibly can, and we love it."

And there are gifts for pets other than just dogs, like corduroy toys shaped like squirrels and foxes about any furry friend could push around the house.

For dogs

On the treats side, Two Pups Pastries sells a holiday bag for $8.95 that include a cranberry apple biscuit, a turkey herb biscuit and sweet potatoes, all with human-grade ingredients, Deleo said.

Doggie donuts sell for $4, and a popular peanut log, which includes applesauce rolled in egg and dipped in peanuts, sells for $4.50.

At Cape Horn Pets in Red Lion, dog owners can purchase dog granola, one of the more popular gift items this season. The granola is made locally, and is in the shape of the Gingerbread Man and Christmas trees, said assistant manager Michelle Greene.

Cape Horn Pets also offers a bake it yourself item that comes with a cookie cutter in the shape of a dog bone.

Puppy Tails Boutique & Spa in York Township is another option for pet owners.

"Since I started I knew I had to be unique," said owner Lana Brenneman, who opened the store eight years ago and offers only products made in the U.S.

A holiday mix bag for dogs includes pumpkin, peanut butter and apple molasses flavored treats. There are Christmas-themed stockings, Brenneman said, along with toys shaped like reindeer, little Christmas trees and candy canes.

For smaller animals

If you own a pet like a hamster, mouse or rabbit, there are gifts available this holiday season, too.

Cape Horn Pets sells wooden toys that have been popular this year. The toys, in the shape of carrots or a ball, have treats inside, Greene said.

The Petco at 2420 Eastern Boulevard sells small-breed toys like a willow branch ball chew toy for rabbits or guinea pigs. A five-pack sells for $7.99 at the store.

Jackie Foster, the store's general manager, advises new pet owners to purchase a themed gift card this holiday season. If a customer comes in looking to buy a pet during the holiday season, the store says to purchase all the accessories first like the cage, treats and toys, and to put the price of the pet on the gift card.

"Christmas brings a lot of new members to families," Foster said.

But, she added, "Small animals like birds and reptiles adjust better to low stress levels or quieter times."

For more information, you can call these stores or visit them online. Cape Horn Pets, 673 Lombard Rd. can be reached at 717-246-1981 or Call Two Pups Pastries at 717-341-7844 or, while Puppy Tails Boutique & Spa's number is 717-741-9190 or