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5 times women totally rocked it this week


I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention this week, but women are having *a moment*

1) In HUGE music headlines this week, Life or Death PR & Management CEO Heathcliff Berru stepped down from his position at the company after major female musicians like Amber Coffman (of Dirty Projectors) and Bethany Cosentino (aka ½ of Best Coast) voiced concerns on Twitter about Berru’s unacceptable treatment towards women.

As the week progressed, the rest of the staff at Life or Death announced they will be leaving the company to establish a different legacy with absolutely no ties to Berru.


This is awesome! Huge flaws, especially concerning sexual abuse, are all too common in the music industry (#FREEKESHA, anyone?).

It’s not OK, and this move in the fight against sexual abuse and mistreatment of women in music, though small, is at least one step in the right direction. Find out more at Noisey’s excellent round-up of sexual assault cases in music below.

2) Also making waves this week: Kathryn Smith was hired as the first full-time assistant coach for the Buffalo Bills. 


Smith has twelve years of experience under her belt, which will bring a lot of insight to the special teams work she’ll be doing. This hire comes after Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (a York County native) announced last summer that Jen Welter would serve as the team’s inside linebackers coach during training camp.

While overdue, these measures are excellent steps towards recognizing women’s invaluable place calling the shots (or plays).

Here’s to breaking that glass ceiling!

3) The first ‘Wonder Woman’ footage is out! The kicks! The swordplay! The costumes! It was a little frustrating that much of the video is a bunch of men discussing her place as a symbol of feminism and equality -- instead of, you know, the female stars of the film talking about it -- but hey, the movie looks tight.

4) Cheers to the young women in this class at Lebanon County Career and Technology Center for again breaking stereotypes. The girls spotlighted in this piece are all part of auto body, diesel mechanics and masonry classes at CTC.

Take a second and check out what their “non-traditional” dreams (or even some familiar ones) look like and how some family members reacted to (and supported!) voicing those passions.

"My mom wished I would go into cosmetology, but I just couldn't do that," Sara Deitzler, 17, said. "My step-dad said I should just go for my dreams."

It’s awesome that women this young are speaking up for interests that might deviate from the norms society constructed for them; it is 2016, after all. Way to go, ladies. Keep it up.

5) EVEN THE BIEBZ was impressed with J. Lo's performance this week at the AXIS at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.


NOW, go watch as Ellie Goulding gives a nod to the inspiring women in her life, especially her BFF, in this video for "Army." Peep it once (or twice, or three times) and then go hug your best gal pal.