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Psychic shares his talent in Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG - Curious? Skeptical? Open to new experiences? Those are good qualities to bring while spending a couple of hours with well-known psychic William Stillman, appearing Sunday, Feb. 21, at the Capitol Theatre's Wood Center in downtown Chambersburg.

For many the idea of a psychic- someone who can seemingly read your thoughts - is a little strange, and they are uncomfortable with the idea. But Stillman describes himself as down-to-earth, just an ordinary person who happens to have a special gift.

"I have no interest in becoming wealthy or famous," he said, "but I feel that I have something to say and contribute to the human conversation."

Stillman has been a professional psychic for 12 years and defines his work as "demystifying ... that which is perceived as paranormal, becoming normal, and that which is supernatural, becoming natural. My aim is to educate, enlighten, and empower people to the existence of what is beyond the physical realm."

To reach his goals, he follows a rigorous way of life. "I pray, especially before a presentation, I follow a vegetarian diet and drink only water, except for an occasional glass of juice, I do not curse or swear, and I exercise every day." All of this is done in preparation for the readings he conducts and the many books he has written.

His presentation is divided into two parts. During the first half, he calls out intuitive information and people in the audience respond.

He offered an example of what occurred at one event: "I threw out the word 'Tonka' to the audience. There was dead silence. My spirit guides insisted that I repeat the word. By the third time, an older gentleman stood up. 'When I was a boy,' he said, 'my father would buy me Tonka Trucks.' Then I asked him how he was related to baseball. He responded, 'my grandfather was a carpenter and made bats for local baseball teams.' Interestingly enough," Stillman said, "the message I had for him had nothing to with either of those subjects. It related to the health of his granddaughter."

The second half of the program is devoted to questions from the audience.

Whether you are a believer or not, the experience is a rewarding one, stimulating one to question certain realities which have been the subject of wonder by mankind throughout history.

Stillman has also put his gifts to work with the Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, has worked on missing persons and homicide cases with law authorities, and has helped those in pain with a combination of prayer and the laying on of hands. He works as a psychic and spiritual counselor with the Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg.

He is involved, however, in more than just the psychic experience. Bullied on almost a daily basis in school as a child, he said he experienced depression and post traumatic stress disorder. But his almost 30 years of work in the field of autism opened doors for him that allowed him to "become a kinder, gentler person." He has written 10 books on the subject, especially after he realized that he was "also on the autism spectrum."

Nor are his talents limited only to humans. He has recently written a book on communicating with dogs.

For more information on Stilllman, visit his website at


William Stillman Psychic Gallery

Wood Center

Capitol Theatre Center

159 S. Main Street, Chambersburg

3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 21

$30 advance tickets, $40 at the door

Note: there is limited seating in the Wood Center

Call the box office at 717-263-0202 or purchase online at