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'Game of Thrones': What the new trailer means

It's been a long, cold winter while fans of "Game of Thrones" waited patiently for a trailer, and on a 70 degree day in March, fans finally got their wish.

Most of all, the trailer delivered.

"Game of Thrones" managed to pack all their storylines into a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" 1:41-long trailer filled with hidden gems on the upcoming season.

Here's a quick breakdown of the next season based on the new trailer. Spoiler warning for anyone still catching up on the series.

  • Jon Snow is definitely dead.  

  • Melisandre's confidence is visibly shaken, but with her hovering around Jon Snow's body during the trailer, we can infer she'll regain that confidence and find a way to raise Jon from the dead as Jon Stark, even if she has to get naked to do it.  

  • By the way, I know some people are saying Melisandre is in the trailer kissing another woman, possibly Theon's sister Yara, but it's not her. Don't believe me? Look at the hair color and the necklace. Neither are fitting with Melisandre's character.

  • In general, there will be a lot of fighting in the North. We can see the Boltons fighting the wildlings (check out this image with Tormund Giantsbane surrounded by Bolton shields). Also, whoever the archers are and the horses riding to battle, both of those scenes look like they take place in the North.  

  • There's been talk about Bran's visions during the offseason and "Game of Thrones" confirmed the biggest of these visions, the Tower of Joy scene featuring a young Ned Stark. I don't know how this story will play out, but I expect the fight scenes to live up to the hype and then some.  

  • If you're not hyped by the Tower of Joy scene, you aren't a "Game of Thrones" fan.  

  • The power couple Jaime and Cersei are back, and this time looking for revenge.  

  • "Tell your man to step aside or there will be violence." Poor Lancel, you have no idea who the giant man behind the bronze suit of armor is.  

  • Cersei continues to get better and better each season, and this season will be no different. The way she delivers the line "I choose violence" compels you to give a giant fist pump.  

  • Arya's struggling at the House of Black and White. First she's hit with some sort of object, next we see her jumping off some sort of ledge to escape. Not sure where her storyline is headed, but if you're a fan of Arya, prepare for a lot of beatings.   

  • It doesn't appear Theon and Sansa have made it too far, considering that she's surrounded by snow. We can't get much out of the trailer as to which way they're headed, but they are definitely being pursued.  

  • Everything in the East is up in the air. There will be war in Mereen, as evidenced by the table in Daenerys' bedroom exploding. Daenerys is a prisoner of the Dothraki, but where are they going, and why is she alive besides plot armor? 

When "Game of Thrones" waited so long to drop a trailer on us, I was nervous, but this trailer absolutely delivered. All the fighting this season alone is worth the wait.

The first episode of "Game of Thrones" Season 6 will air on April 24th.

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