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'Game of Thrones': Does Jon Snow stay dead?

After 42 weeks of waiting for Game of Thrones to return, fans of the show got their wish on Sunday night, but tonight's episode left more questions than answers.

Questions were answered

Prepare for spoilers from "Game of Thrones" Season 6, Episode 1 from here on in.

  • Sansa and Theon have successfully escaped Winterfell and finally Brienne of Tarth did her job and saved Sansa. It appears, based on the preview for Episode 2, that the three plus Podrick will be headed north for Castle Black. 
  • Well Margaery Tyrell is still alive, but she could probably use a mani-pedi at the King's Landing spa. 
  • Speaking of people who need a relaxing day at the spa, Daenerys is looking pretty rough after her latest trek across the East, but we can safely assume that she isn't getting killed any time soon. She's just being taken to spend the rest of her life with a bunch of former Khaleesis. Not so bad, right?
  • Glad that "Game of Thrones" avoided a "Deus Ex Machina" moment and actually showed how Daario and Jorah tracked down what happened to Daenerys. Sometimes, it's just the little things that set this show apart.
  • As if Cersei couldn't get any more depressed, now she has to deal with the loss of her daughter. At least Cersei still looks amazing — you embrace that short hair, don't care attitude girl!
  • Cersei's reached the same point that Jaime did in Season 3 — fans understand that they've done some terrible things in the past, but you can't help but feel bad for them. This is especially true for Cersei when she admits that Myrcella was actually the one good thing she did.

Questions that were not answered

  • Arya's back, but all viewers know is that she's still blind. Who else is ready for her to complete her Jedi training and whip some tail while still blind?
  • What's Bran up to? The preview for Episode 2 shows him waking up underneath the big tree. But what's his plan. 
  • The Greyjoys were hyped for a return this season, but didn't see them included in this episode.
  • The situation in Meereen has gone up in flames, quite literally. What's Tyrion's plan to get things calmed down before Daenerys returns?
  • Melisandre is looking like the Wicked Witch of the West. Mel's clearly given up. Will she just roll over and die in that bed?
  • How do Davos, Ghost and the rest of the Snow-sympathizers escape the room at Castle Black if Mel isn't there to help them? 

Jon Snow Watch —  Episode 1

Things aren't looking good for everyone's favorite Emo hero. The episode began and ended the same — with Jon Snow still being very much dead.

"Game of Thrones" also did a great job shaking the foundation of the the "Mel will resurrect Jon" believers. Pretty tough for Mel to resurrect Jon if she doesn't believe in her own power, turns into an old lady and dies in a bed.

However, there is hope!

"I saw him in the flames fighting at Winterfell" — Melisandre

While Mel interprets Jon's death as another sign of her visions failing her, there's a good chance that this still will happen.

My prediction: In episode 3, viewers will see Davos the eternal optimist cheer up Mel and help her get her swagger back. Mel will say the words over Jon's body later in the episode and his eyes will open up just in time for the credits for that episode.

Anthony J. Machcinski writes reactions to "Game of Thrones" for FlipSidePA. Follow him on Twitter at @ChinskiTweets