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'Game of Thrones': Jon Snow's fate revealed

Finally, “Game of Thrones” gave viewers exactly what they were looking for — an episode worthy of all the hype leading up to Season 6.

No, it wasn’t Ollie getting his due for his hand in Jon’s death, but it comes pretty close.

Beware for spoilers from “Game of Thrones” Season 6, Episode 2.

Jon Snow Watch – Episode 2

I hate to say I told you so but…

So I was an episode off from my reactions last week, but nothing like a little #humblebrag for myself, right?

It was the worst-kept secret for any fan of the show, but now with Jon back in the picture, things in the North are about to get really interesting.

Where does Jon seek revenge first? Ser Allister Thorne? Ollie? The Boltons? The Freys? Who knows, but Season 6 just became the best season of “Game of Thrones” and we’re only two episodes in.

Quick Hits

  • If Jon’s resurrection didn’t occur, the highlight (or lowlight) of Sunday’s episode was Ramsey’s rise to power in the North. After stabbing his father, Ramsey delivers the cruelest death of all to his stepmother, Fat Walda Frey, and Ramsey's newborn baby brother. “Game of Thrones” has gotten away with quite a bit of dark subjects – rape and brutal murder among them – but having an infant only minutes old and his mother being literally fed to the hounds is at the top of the list.
  • Who would have thought that Ramsey would have taken Joffrey’s place as the top villain of all time?


  • Bran’s quick little foray into the past showed us the young Starks – Ned, Benjen and Lyanna – but don’t think that it’s a coincidence in this episode. With Jon coming back and the R+L=J theory fully in play for later in this season, Bran’s vision on Sunday, though small, has large implications.
  • The preview for Episode 3 also shows one of Bran's visions of the past, the Tower of Joy. Fans of the books have known about the Tower of Joy since the first novel "Game of Thrones" of the series "A Song of Ice and Fire," on which the show is based. The big question for the upcoming Tower of Joy scene — will the R+L=J theory be proven correct? My prediction: We won't see enough evidence in the scene. 

Nothing like having a giant on your side

  • When nights in the frat house go wrong – the story seemed innocent, but the guy in the street talking about Queen Cersei’s walk of shame (and his moment of glory) certainly peed on the wrong guy’s boots.
  • When standing up for your bros, try not to mess with the largest bro at the party. In a series full of brutal beatings, being tossed face first into a wall by a giant who has you by the heels has to be one of the worst.

Fear? What fear?

  • Is there any character in “Game of Thrones” who has faced more dangerous situations than Tyrion? In Sunday’s edition of “How will Tyrion survive this?” our favorite dwarf finds himself trying to free the dragons. While he successfully frees them with his gift of gab, even he casually admits, “next time I have an idea like that, just punch me in the face.”
  • Jamie Lannister has certainly used his golden tongue to get out of a few situations of his own, but he’s bested by the High Sparrow in this episode. Jamie: “The God’s won’t mind (if I kill you), they spill more blood then the rest of us combined.” High Sparrow: “Go ahead.” #micdrop

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