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The 2016 Olympics will take place from Aug. 5 to Aug. 21 in Rio de Janeiro.

That’s 17 days of competition in more than 300 medal events. The event will mark the first time a South American nation will host the Olympics. Here are 17 fun facts, by-the-numbers, one to commemorate each day of competition.

1896: The year of the first Olympic Games of the modern era.

10,500: The total number of athletes who will compete in the 2016 Games.

555: The number of athletes representing the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team.

191: The number of returning Olympians on Team USA.

108: The number of returning Olympic medalists from Team USA.

364: The number of rookies competing for Team USA.

27: The average age of a Team USA member.

16: Age of the youngest U.S. Olympian, Kanak Jha, who will compete in table tennis. Jha, of San Jose, California, is the first U.S. Olympic athlete born in the 2000s.

52: Age of Phillip Dutton, the oldest U.S. Olympian, who will compete in eventing, an equestrian event. Dutton is from Chester County, Pennsylvania.

46: The number of states represented.

22: The number of medals won by the most decorated male Olympian of all-time, Michael Phelps. Of those 22 medals, 18 were gold. Phelps will compete in three individual and three relay events in Rio.

75: The percentage of Olympians who competed in college athletics.

45: The number of returning Olympic champions who have won multiple Olympic medals.

35: The number of athletes competing for Team USA who have family ties to other Olympians, including 12 whose parents competed in the Olympic Games.

54: The number of Olympic athletes from Team USA who have children.

292: The number of women competing for Team USA. It’s the largest number of women from any nation competing at a single Games. It’s also the second time in history that there are more female athletes than male athletes on Team USA.

204: The number of nations that will represented at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Source:, Team USA and NBC News.

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