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360 Pizza: a delicious experiment

YDR photojournalist Jason Plotkin loves pizza. Like really looooves pizza.

But let's be real, who doesn't?

Plotkin loves pizza so much he's long been branded with the title of "pizza snob," but at heart he's really just a pizza geek. And he's roped the rest of us into bandwagon-ing onto his obsession, too. (Not that we're complaining!)

And now, once a month, we're invading your favorite pizza haunts. Where should we go next? Email FlipSidePA editor Skye Leppo at to see your preferred slice of 'za get the 360 treatment.

First place we landed was DiCarlo's in York City. The unique stylings of baking the crust and sauce and then putting the cheese and toppings on cold intrigued us. Anthony teased Tony about how he cuts his pizza and Hafiz was a first timer. Here's how it went:

Next we hit the Crazy Tomato in West York. In addition to their pizza with mini pepperonis, we tried out two of their original pretzel 'bolis. We talk national chains and argue whether dessert pizza should be called "pizza." Special guest, 8-year-old Ella Plotkin.

The gang was back this week with more shenanigans as we decided to try not one, not two, but TEN pizzas from Marco's in West Manchester Township. That's right. Check out our family style lunch and conversations about sets apart a really unique pizza flavor, a category where Marco's truly excels.