It all started by teaching himself Irish dancing, constantly rewinding tapes and cassettes, trying to learn the steps. But by the end of that year and a half, he could pretty much perform a whole show on his own and found himself touring with "Lord of the Dance," one of the most prestigious Irish dance productions. Then it was from two and a half years of experience on tour, where Justin Boros finally created his own idea to form his unique spin on Irish dancing – creating “Rhythm in the Night, The Irish Dance Spectacular” – which is growing rapidly by the minute. Now the show is coming to Hershey for the first time later this month during its third consecutive national tour.

“They were really interested in bringing us in for this year’s tour,” Boros said. “We’re thrilled to play in a place where some of the most famous acts have performed.”

The show is Friday, March 18 at 8 p.m. at the Hershey Theatre. Tickets range from $30-$55 and can be purchased at the Hershey Theatre box office or online at

Led by Boros, the production’s cast of 22 of the world’s most skilled Irish dancers and musicians will bring the inspiring story of love and salvation to life against a backdrop of ancient ruins that will transport the audience to another time and place where the imagination unfolds. The show promises scenes of “epic proportions” with battle scenes that transcend the struggle of dark versus light.

The show was first created from an original soundtrack of a new genre of Celtic music with an orchestral foundation that was composed by Andrew and Jared DePolo Music from Cleveland, Ohio, who Boros teamed up with.

“The effect is really something different and unique. There’s many different parts to some of the numbers,” Boros said. “People are ready for something knew from Irish dance productions like 'Lord of the Dance.' We wanted to create something new. We wanted to take the affect that everyone loves about Irish dance, and we wanted a sound track that created drama and excitement.”

The production’s tour just got underway March 1, and runs through April 1. Besides Hershey, the tour will stop in cities ranging from Wilmington, Del., to St. Petersburg, Fla.

Boros began his career when he was only 15 years old through the Tim O’Hare School of Irish Dance in Akron, Ohio. After his year and a half of self-teaching, Boros then got his first big break when he was accepted into "Lord of the Dance," after auditioning at Disney World. Boros then toured for two and a half years. When he started pursuing his own Irish dance production, Boros then blended his own ideas with his experience from touring with "Lord of the Dance."

“I don’t come from the traditional background of Irish dance,” Boros said.  “I was able to come up with ideas that other people wouldn’t think of, who know Irish dance. I also wouldn’t have to learn within the rules. It certainly has worked out for me and everyone’s responded well to it.”

The response certainly has gone very well -- so well that the reception to the show has been overwhelming in its first two years touring, and has become the biggest touring Irish dance show behind the famous Riverdance in the U.S.

And Boros hopes that same type of response will occur with anyone who attends the show at the Hershey Theatre.

“We’re really excited about it,” he said. “We hope to pack the house.”

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