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Fans weigh in: Best places to eat before an Orioles game in Baltimore

As tens of thousands of baseball fans – including a strong contingent from the York area – fully clad in Orioles' black and orange flocked to Baltimore on Friday for the O's home opener, many shared the same thoughts: Where should we eat?

There is no shortage of bars and food vendors near the stadium and most fans are loyal to their favorite pregame stops.

As many fans reminisced on last season's playoff run and shared memories of Opening Days past between sips of $2 beer and bites of hot dogs, a few shared their favorite pregame festivities.

Q. What's the best place to grab a bite to eat before the game?

Sarah Walsh, Towson: Phillips in the Inner Harbor. This is our fourth-straight home opener and we've stopped there each time.

Mark Williams, West Chester, Pa.: We usually wait until we get inside and grab some burgers or fries with Old Bay from the concession stand.

Kyle Singleton, Harrisburg: Boog's is the best inside. If you're hanging out for a while, then Forno up on Eutaw Street is a cool, little wine bar.

Samuel Franklin, Baltimore: Definitely Boog's BBQ. We look forward to that every time.

Eric Kendall, Annapolis: We always stop at The Greene Turtle and grab some wings or beer first. It's a fun tradition.

Q. If an out-of-towner is with you and making their first trip to Camden Yards, where do you take them for a drink?

Walsh: Sliders Bar & Grille. The beer is cheap and it's right across from the stadium gates.

Williams: Pickle's Pub. Everyone is talking, enjoying themselves and having cheap beer. Pickle's is a must before the game.

Singleton: Sliders over everything. It's cheap and the atmosphere is great. Just being around everyone outside with drinks in our hands is great.

Franklin: Sliders is pretty good. They're all solid, but Sliders has good deals. That Flying Dog Brewery truck was cool today, too.

Kendall: Anywhere outside of the stadium unless you don't mind emptying your wallet for a few beers.

Q. Who is one current Orioles player you'd most want to share a few drinks with?

Walsh: Tommy Hunter.

Williams: Manny Machado, if he's old enough (He is. He's 22.)

Singleton: Bud Norris.

Franklin: Adam Jones.

Kendall: Bud Norris. Did you see him celebrating after we made the playoffs last year?

Q Is the food outside of the stadium better than the food inside of the stadium?

Walsh: Outside. Have to go with the seafood at the Inner Harbor.

Williams: Inside. It feels better to be eating food while actually watching the game.

Singleton: Inside. Boog's is better than anything outside.

Franklin: Inside because my place is Boog's.

Kendall: Outside. Like I said, we eat in Annapolis before we come up, so we don't have to spend much money at the concession stands.

Q. Which is the better choice: Light Rail or downtown parking?

Walsh: We're coming from Towson so we catch the light rail up by Hunt Valley or Timonium and take that to the stadium.

Williams: Parking since we come down I-95. It's expensive, but we don't have much of a choice.

Singleton: Light rail is so much cheaper. I'd rather pay $3 for that and add a few minutes to my trip than pay $30 downtown and sit in traffic.

Franklin: Light rail. If I'm already downtown, I just walk over though.

Kendall: Parking. Not a fan of the crowded trains and waiting outside.

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