HEDGESVILLE, W.VA. >> Did you know there is a type of golf that you play with just your feet?

There is — and it's aptly named foot golf. You play the same way as you would regular golf, but instead of using clubs to get a small ball to the hole on the green, you kick a soccer ball toward a larger hole.

The distance from the tee box to the hole is a bit shorter than you would find in regular golf — ranging from about 80 yards for a par 3 to 225 yards for a par 5. The more times you have to kick the ball before making it in the hole, the higher (and worse) your score is.

The Woods golf community in Hedgesville, West Virginia, is hosting a "foot golf awareness" day on April 18 to celebrate the opening of its foot golf course, the first in the eastern panhandle region. Guests can play some holes for free from 9 a.m. to noon. Organizers hope to get people interested in the game by letting them try it out, and to host foot golf tournaments later.

Guests will be able to pay to play full games of foot golf afterward if they want. The cost for those over age 15 for a par 72, 18-hole course is $15 for walkers and $23 with a golf cart ($10 and $18 for nine holes). For those 15 and under, the cost is $7. Individuals must have a driver's license to operate a golf cart.

There is also a $3 fee for ball rental, but those who have a soccer ball are welcome to bring it to use.

Guests must wear regular sneakers for foot golf, not spikes. The club dress code will be in effect otherwise, so collared shirts and pants (no jeans) are required.

For more information, call The Woods Pro Shop at (304) 754-7222.

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