More than 50 people attended the third annual Gettysburg Green Gathering on Saturday, and it featured more than 15 vendors who either served food or offered a service that helps to protect the environment.

Here are three things from the event that York or Adams county residents can do at home:

1. Make sure to always recycle.

"It's the most simple thing you can do," said Steve Zimmerman, one of the event's organizers. "It goes a long way in saving the environment due to not wasting any energy."

One of the vendors promoting recycling was Rick Gilbert Geothermal Specialists. It offered its new heat units that save energy by recycling bad air in the atmosphere and turning it into good air through a ventilation system.

"The system is easy to use and saves the necessary air that can make our air cleaner," said Jeremy Noel, an installer and manager with Rick Gilbert. "This would benefit Adams County in a huge way."

2. Eat healthier and choose organic food.

"Everything we sell is our own and fresh," said Vicky McCleaf, liaison for the Adams County Farmers Market. "It helps keep the flavor of the foods and makes for a healthier lifestyle."

The farmers market is one of the vendors making Pennsylvania residents aware of what eating organic foods can do.

"It's all about making the best with what's around you," said Matt Crowner, one of the event's organizers. "We want to promote having healthy foods and making healthy choices."

3. Conserve energy.

Everblossom Farm of East Berlin offered organic lettuce at the event.

"Our product conserves energy by using non-toxic chemicals and doing the entire process of growing ourselves, said Joe Salvo, a farmer's apprentice with Everblossomn. "We have lettuce here today that was grown all organically, which makes all the difference for saving energy."

Toxic chemicals take up valuable space in the air that could be used for more conservable energy, Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman added that without conserving energy, many of what people take for granted could be jeopardized including drinking water and soil preservation.

"Making any product all-natural is the best thing to do, as we do with our honey," said Jon Deardorff, beekeeper for Shady Rest Apiaries from Orrtanna. "Putting that extra little bit of effort will be the best thing in the long run."


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