When Austin Rife graduated from New Oxford Senior High School in 2013, he continuously thought about what it would be like to leave Adams County and be out on his own.

Those thoughts, along with inspiration from his friends and family, helped the him write 12 songs for his second full-length country album, "Back For More," in June.

"I hope to show how much I have learned musically," the 20-year-old said.

In 2011, Rife released his debut album, "Days Gone By," at the age of 17. He wrote his first full-length recording all in New Oxford, but his most recent release was written in North Carolina, where he is about to start his junior year of college at Appalachian State University.

"For my first album, I tried to write about things I knew with being a 17-year-old kid," Rife said. "It's a world of difference; the quality of the new album is so much better."

Tracks on Rife's new album include "Carolina Clay," which is about his experiences after going to North Carolina for college, along with the title track, "Back for More," about how he overcame his early struggles in college, including being seven hours away from home.

One of the contributors to Rife's new album is Jace Hyde, a professional music teacher based in Hanover, who started giving Rife guitar lessons in January 2005.

Rife took an interest in music after his grandfather, who often strummed country tunes of his own, passed away in 2004.

"We weren't really close, I'd see him at Christmas and stuff, but when he was alive, music wasn't an interest of mine," Rife said. "I feel more connected to him now than I did back then."

After playing for more than five years and getting help from Hyde to arrange a few of the songs, Rife released his first demo.

"We have a lot of respect back and forth, and he has a lot of faith in me," Hyde said. "He's a kid with a bright future and a smart head on his shoulders. I only showed him the gift that he already had."

Rife now plays shows consistently at the Brookmere Wine & Tasting Room in Abbottstown, where he draws good crowds for the venue to come in and watch, said Kobie Byers, an employee of the tasting room.

"(Rife) seems like a very friendly and nice guy," Byers said. "He seems like he has a lot of fun and everyone seems to enjoy him."

Now with his second album released, Rife plans on writing even more music for future releases, he said.

"Once I started writing, my love for music just escalated," Rife said. "Music has become my life."

About the album

Album: "Back for More"

Artist: Austin Rife

Genre: Country

Tracks: 12

Cost: $12

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