Fire crews for Station 1 had extra company Thursday in the form of four GoPro cameras, 21 remote cameras and a television crew.

"They're the guys that run into buildings as everyone runs out why not have a show about them," said Michael Shortt, the creator and producer of "American Fire," a new reality TV show focused right here in Central Pennsylvania. "I'm showing the most beautiful parts of the country what's more picturesque than farms, buggies and horses There's a diversity that you know we don't have everywhere."

The idea came to Shortt after he finished his last project, and he describes the show as a combination of "Fast and Loud," "Cops," and "Duck Dynasty."

Based out of East Earl in Lancaster County, the show focuses on Penryn, Weaverland and Terre Hill fire companies as well as Fire Line Equipment, a company that buys, sells and refurbishes fire trucks.

"We bring our firefighters from Penryn and Fire Line Equipment for the day and that ties it into the show. Having a small town firefighter work with a city firefighter they learn," said Shortt.

"American Fire" came to Station 1 on South Eighth Street in Lebanon for a firefighter exchange. Kelly Saylor, the operations manager at Fire Line Equipment, spent the day working side by side with the Lebanon crew. So far the reception has been great.

"People have been amazing. The fire chiefs and the entire crew have been welcoming," Shortt said. As of Thursday afternoon the crew had not responded to any calls.

The show also covers fire services and fire safety, a topic Shortt doesn't believe is stressed enough, " it's something people need to understand you know it's a profession and communities need (fire stations)."

Saylor and the TV crew will spend 24 hours with the station before the show moves on to Reading.

Scheduled to debut July 3, the show will air Fridays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m. on select over-the-air stations. It will be available the Monday after it airs on YouTube and other streaming services.

More information can be found on the show's website or its Facebook page. "American Fire" is owned by Tandem Productions.

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