The Philae lander made it to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. A gargantuan accomplishment.

But it was a scientist's shirt that grabbed all the attention. And now, this shirt is available for purchase at the Lancaster Science Factory, according to a release.

At the time of the Philae lander, outrage ensued around European Space Agency lead scientist Matt Taylor's shirt adorned with scantily-clad women and gun and social media creativity blossomed. A Baltimore writer covered the shirt with profiles of female scientists.

That shirt, first a quick-response jab at the scientist's wardrobe choice soon attracted widespread attention and, naturally, led to a hashtag (#ThatOtherShirt).

After the overwhelming response to the shirt, Elly Zupko, the Baltimore writer, set up a Kickstarter project to produce the shirt she'd come up with. The campaign garnered $33,000, and funds will be used for educational and philanthropic purposes, according to the release.

Thank you @SMLXist for the attire for my work photo day!— PythagoreanCrank (@PythaCrank) August 12, 2015

Now, you'll be able to purchase one of these shirts at the Lancaster Science Factory at 454 Holland Avenue. The shirt - featuring more than 50 notable women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics - are available in youth and adult sizes for a limited time.

Prices are $24.95 for youth sizes and $29.95 for adult sizes.

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