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'OITNB,' 'Walking Dead' actors coming to Allen Theatre premiere

Harrisburg-based production company RAWI Positive Films will premiere its latest film "The Gifts" following a star-studded red carpet event on Monday, Sept. 12 at the Allen Theater in Annville. The event, which begins at 6 p.m., will feature the following noted celebrities:

Rory Nicole Ogden - Lead character in "The Gifts," Ogden is known for her appearances on the ABC's Primetime series "What Would You Do?" as well as the Adult Swim cult classic, "This House Has People In It." Ogden was also featured in the award-winning Harrisburg-based film "The Patient," the award-winning short film "Just a Kid"; NBCs "Do No Harm" and "Deception"; and more. Her single, "Don't Wanna Fit In," is also featured in "The Gifts." Ogden was born and raised in Hershey.

Nicole Renee - This award-winning actress and renowned singer shares the lead with Ogden in "The Gifts." Renee won her notable award as co-lead in Hillary Hawkins' smash hit "Jaded The Musical." She has several featured roles under her belt in both film and stage locally and abroad.

Nakia Dillard - Philadelphia-based actor and producer, Dillard is known primarily in critically acclaimed film ("The Journey of Herman Stone"), TV series (HBO's "The Wire"; NBCs "Do No Harm") and much more. He is the founder of Philadelphia's Aikan (pronounced i-CAN) Entertainment Solutions and Aikan Acting Academy.

Genoveva Rossi - This noted TV actress and cult scream queen has more than 70 film and TV credits, including "Law and Order: SVU," "Orange Is The New Black" and many others.

Heidi Grace - Known as "South Carolina's Sweetheart," this captivating child model and actress' works include "The Walking Dead," "Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural."

Michael Giovanni - Harrisburg native and star of the Harrisburg-based gritty web series "Hamilton Street," Giovanni began his career in the award-winning HBO series "The Wire." He was also featured in the Philadelphia urban series "Underground Kings."

Valerie Bittner - Bittner is known for her many TV and film roles. She is a model and spokesperson for many national companies and products. Bittner will soon be features opposite actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan in several national TV advertisements.

Cole Geissler - Star of the multiple award-winning film "The Burning Tree" and the upcoming film "Adam," Geissler has been featured in more than a dozen films. Primarily known for his many theater productions, he is also a member of the Kennett Symphony Chorus.

The story of an unlikely friendship that leads to the greatest gift of all, Joella Brett's (Rory Ogden) friends try to turn her against an unsavory and mysterious neighbor (Nicole Renee). However, Joella's independent spirit moves her to find out for herself what type of woman her neighbor might be? What begins as a defiant move leads to a blooming friendship that changes the course of Joella's life. "The Gifts" is an inspirational films suitable for the entire family.

The Gifts was written and directed by Harrisburg native Miranda Wise, whose goal is to create positive films and entertainment enjoyable for the entire family. All scenes were shot in the Greater Harrisburg area.

"The Gifts" screens at the Allen Theater, 36 E. Main St. in Annville.

The Red Carpet event begins promptly at 6 p.m. and will be hosted by J Blair Brown of J Blair Brown Consulting. Film begins at 7:05 p.m. with a Q&A immediately following.

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