Artwork that normally stays hidden inside locals' homes was brought out into the spotlight Saturday night at YorkArts' 18th annual Art in Residence event.

More than 100 people attended and viewed about 30 works owned by 17 local art collectors at the Bon-Ton Corporate Center in York. Attendees included mostly collectors as well as YorkArts supporters and some local artists, such as Rob Evans and Stephen March.

"The night is all about celebrating collectors," YorkArts executive director Kevin Lenkner said. "It's a way to see some amazing art in one location."

About 18 years ago, before the first Art in Residence event was held, Lenkner said he realized that all of the focus was on the artists and not enough on the collectors. So, he wanted to give the collectors some recognition.

"As much energy goes into collecting art as in making art," he said. "The number of pieces they get, why they get them. There's always fascinating stories, and it's a great opportunity to share art with the community."

Jack Sanstead and Penny Blackwell were the featured collectors Saturday. The couple brought eight pieces from their approximately 30-piece collection at home.

Three of the pieces they brought were salvaged from the trash, Blackwell said. She found two silkscreens in the trash while vacationing in Hawaii and also rescued a piece that her college roommate planned to throw away.

"It's artwork that should not be thrown away," she said.

One of their favorite pieces, which hangs over their fireplace, is called "Log Shrine" and was painted by local artist Stephen March.

March said the piece was inspired by a stream near his home in Spring Grove.

Not all of the collectors were displaying local art. State Rep. Kevin Schreiber, D-York, and his wife, Jen, showed their original Salvador Dalí watercolor piece from Dalí's series on Dante's "Divine Comedy." The piece called "Beatrice Comforts the Poet" is one of 100 in the series.

"Kevin and I are fans of art and literature," Jen Schreiber said. "It encompasses two facets we really enjoy."

Another prominent piece at Art in Residence was "In the Hanger" by former York artist Stephen Etnier. This $40,000 piece was brought by an anonymous collector.

In addition to viewing art, attendees participated in live and silent auctions and raffles, purchased art from local galleries and sampled Artistic Foods Catering appetizers and drinks.

Gayle Shadrach, of West Manchester Township, said she attended Art in Residence for the first time Friday to support some of her clients. She owns the Art & Framing Warehouse in York.

"It's wonderful because you don't know what people have in their homes," she said. "There are so many different kinds of art."

Lenkner said YorkArts' goal was to raise $15,000 Saturday, and he thought they came close to reaching the goal.

All of the proceeds from the event benefit YorkArts' educational programs for York city youth.

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