Pastel lined Center Square on June 13 as the fifth-annual Chalk It Up event took place.

The event, which has been hosted by Main Street Hanover since its inception, welcomed Hanover-area residents to draw any design they wanted on the sidewalk.

"This has been more than I expected," said Justine Kilkelly, Main Street Hanover manager. "Every year this event got better and better, and we're so happy with how many people showed up."

Kristin Newman, a Main Street Hanover volunteer, says the event started as just a way to bring more people to downtown Hanover, but it turned into so much more.

"To show people that the downtown is walkable is the best part of the event," Newman said.

Some of the chalk designs included Timeline Arcade constructing a "Super Mario" theme on the side of their building and Hanover High School students making a flower pattern.

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