Three of us swarmed York's Central Market like spies on foreign soil.

Myself, FlipSidePA Editor Ashley May and Social Media Editor Buffy Andrews were on a mission.

It was 1 p.m. on a Thursday, and we were hungry. Who eats this late?

We were looking for some of our favorite lunch items at market. It would be part feast/part photo shoot with the market's food, drinks and desserts as models.

We scattered to snatch our goodies: the Copper Crust Co. for Paris pecan buns (one of us goes in sometimes just to get these sticky buns), Roburrito's for the buritodilla, vanilla cream soda from Fizzy Bee, a chicken Caesar wrap at LettUsKnow, a brownie slice smothered in ganache at All About Brownies, and on and on. It doesn't sound like hard work, but here's the catch: We could only buy as much food as we could eat.

So here's where you come in. Check out the scrumptious food we chose, and let us know what infatuations you have with market food. What else should we have on our list?

Why? We'll choose some of your ideas, take more photos and add them to the collection.

(And we want to eat some more, of course.)


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