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Yorkers weekend plans: Foodstruck, First Friday, Boutique Week

Each week, some York County locals share what they are doing this weekend. Some favor art, theater, craft beer, wine or music. Some simply like finding something different to do each week. Whatever your interest, see what they're up to this week in September - it might help you plan your Friday or Saturday night.

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Rita Whitney (usually in Royal Square): I'm going to try to make the Creek Fire Festival on Saturday at Foundry Park. Things start at 11 a.m. There will be live music, artists and poets!

John Bobby (likes local craft beer): This First Friday, I'll be at the Royal Square neighborhood's Truck and Trunks. Each shop will have something fun going on. There will be live music, food and beer sampling.

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Jeff Gochoco (dog dad): Friday, I'm heading to King's Courtyard Gallery on East King Street.

Carol Oldenburg (York artist): I can't wait to see what the downtown boutiques put together for the Boutique Week Fashion Show on Saturday night at York's Capitol Theatre!

Kelley Gibson (supports local artists): Sunday, we're off to Penn Park for Foodstruck.

Mike and Sue Edmonds are also going to Foodstruck and said: We went last year and had a lot of fun, even after getting soaked in a brief but unexpected torrential downpour. I expect this year will be like last year, when the event was very well managed. As a history buff, it was also really nice to become a little more familiar with Penn Park, one of York's truly beautiful and historic downtown parks.

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Lyn Bergdoll (theater lady): I'll be spending time with neighbors at a York Revolution's game this weekend.